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The image you see above indicate one of the website I personally verified for one of my client. Please do not forget to subscribe our newsletter to get more update. I will be doing give away courses for you to improve your blog or skills.

In this content, I will guide you through how I managed to monetize over 10 website writhing some month. Please note that after you purchase this course, I will write content, design your blog and add the required pages to get your website approved. So, how was I able to monetize my website with Google AdSense? This is the reason why I am here to assist you through your ads approval journey. This content will be categorized into sections so please take notice of that.

Section 1- Website Design

Designing your website is known as one of the most important aspect in blogging. You will need to design your blog very well in other for it to be mobile friendly and fast. Most visitors use mobile phone to visit your blog so if it is not mobile friendly, they will bounce back.

What will happen if Google AdSense get to know? 

If AdSense get to know that your page is not mobile friendly, they will not approve your website. This is the reason why you need to design your blog to be mobile friendly and optimize it`s speed.

Required themes

With my own experience, I have been using 3 basic themes to get my blog approved.

The themes I personally use for my approvals are;

  1. Neve Theme (Free)
  2. Astra (Free)
  3. Zox News Theme (Premium)
  4. Astra (Free)
  5. Ocean WP (Free)
  6. Twenty Twenty One (Free)
  7. Divi (Premium)
  8. Jannah (Premium)

This doesn’t mean that you should also go for same theme. But Most at times, I use these themes to help my client get AdSense account  approved. Now, how can you design your blog after you get the theme?

How to design your blog

At this period, we will be learning how we can design our blog website with the themes mentioned.

Follow the steps below to start designing your blog website.

  1. Login into your WordPress website
  2. Locate Appearance
  3. Click on Themes
  4. Locate install themes and click
  5. Search for Neve
  6. Install and activate it

Watch the video below to guide you through how you can design your blog.

Section 2 -Pages

Yes, adding pages to your blog website is very important. You might not get approved if you do not have these required pages on your blog website. Which pages are we talking about?

  1. Contact us
  2. Privacy and Policy
  3. Term and conditions
  4. Disclaimer

Can we generate these themes for free?

Yes, you will need to generate your pages. I use some free tools on the internet to generate my pages. It is free to get these pages. Without spending much time, let learn how we can add pages on our website.

How to add page on website

  1. Login into your website
  2. Locate pages
  3. Click on add new
  4. Now you will be required to enter the title of the page and the content
  5. After, click on publish.

Watch The video guide below to assist you through

Now, you know how to add the pages, let go back to our main topic, how to generate the page in other to get our website approved by Google AdSense

1. Contact Us Page:

At this section, you will need to add how your users may contact you when you get problem on your website or when they need your assist.

Follow the steps we gave above. Use *Contact Us* as the heading

Now, add your Gmail or mobile number as the body or main content. You will then need to click on publish when you are done with it.

2. Policy and Privacy page

This page is different from the contact page. I will provide you link to generate your free Policy and privacy. After it has been generated, copy and paste it into your website policy and privacy.

Here is the link below to get you started..

Link 2

3. Terms and conditions page

Terms and conditions is very important. You will need to add this page to your website since it is recommended by Google. If you really want to get your website approved by Google Ads, then you will need to add this page on your blog.

Terms and conditions page link

4. Disclaimer

In my own view, Disclaimer is optional. This s because, some of these rules in Disclaimer can be identified in the disclaimer section. I do not add this page always to get Google AdSense approved but you can add it to your blog website since it will add more details.

Section 3- Content

Your website post is the most important aspect if you really wish to get your website approved. It is your content that is more focused by Google AdSense. If Google AdSense get to know that your content is of know value they wont approve your website. In other to get your website approved, you must have the following requirement.

  • 15+ post
  • Content must be at least 500 words
  • Must not relate to gambling, adult images or text
  • Must not contain spam links

You can read more here for more details.

Please note that these AdSense policies must be obeyed. If you disobey it, you will not get approved.

Can I get approved after I get rejected?

Yes, you can be approved when you reapply. Dont give up just because you have been rejected. Getting rejected is also a good news. Do you know the reason why I said this? The reason why I said that is because Google AdSense will tell you what you need to do so that they will get you approved.

Google AdSense Approval Trick

Are you wondering about this trick? The pro developers and bloggers will never tell you the truth but I am here to assist you through this. The simple trick is to follow Google AdSense guidelines. If you follow it, then you will surely get approved. But I will be giving out a complete guide on how you will be able to get approved without worrying yourself to write content. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get updated.


In this content, we were able to know how we can easily approve our website with Google AdSense. We also got to know how we can design and how to publish pages. If you want me to get your website approved by getting you the required content and pages, then smash it at the comment section. Please note that this service will be a premium service. I hope you found this Google AdSense Approval Ultimate Guide useful.

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