Amaya Episode 155 Update on Sunday 15th April 2018

Cesar calls Amaya to his office to make her sign some papers before giving her the divorce and upon reaching there he tells her that the documents only says she Amaya can’t demand anything from him because she needs the divorce and Amaya quickly takes the documents, get a pen and she’s ready to sign. Cesar’s trap for Amaya was to steal her land by mixing the divorce papers for her signature with the session of rights for the land. However, Amaya notices and tears up the papers and warns him not to try making a fool out of him again.
As she tries walking out on him, Unashamed Cesar proposes to her later the exchange of Max’s freedom for the land and asks her to go think about it because it is only with she will help Max who he know she still loves him, out of jail and this really hit Amaya.
Jorge finds out that his one night weekend he spent with a woman some years back has produced for them a five-year-old daughter called Nhyira and the letter the lady left behind says he should take care of their daughter but it seems Jorge isn’t wasn’t expecting a child but upon seeing and speaking with the girl and seeing how lovely she looks, he becomes very enthused and wishes to be with her all his life.
Nhyira’s auntie arrive suddenly in the lawyer’s office and mentions to Jorge that she has the right to obtain the little girl’s custody because Jorge never wished to have children.
Whiles Ivan still follows Yaayaa in the city, Yaayaa gives Ulises a backpack full of money and Ivan notices and runs after him, but Ulises flees and there were the police after Ivan protecting him since his dad Hector informed them about the actual he and Yaayaa were staying and not only were they protecting him but to protecting Mariana from Ulises.
Cesar tells his mother that his plan B is to find a fall man who will blame himself for being Horacio’s murderer through an important amount of money, and if that happens, they will release Max and Amaya will believe him and give him the lands.
Marco Antonio takes Florencia and Angela his wife to meet Mauro and truly he becomes very thrilled to meet his granddaughter and daughter-in-law.
Amaya decides to live with Carolina look for apartment later and she prefers to take Valeria and Mariana with her because she never wills to stay with Cesar again now that she demands for divorce.
Now alone in his room, Mauro turns on the television and hears a news cast informing that Max’s trial for Horacio’s murder will take place very soon. On hearing this Mauro begins to have a heart attack and he takes his hand to his left arm, and moans and coughs.

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