Color Of Passion Episode 82 Update on Tuesday 13th March 2018

Let's get right to it…Lucia’s two dizzy spells prompt Dr. Roman “Nosey” Andrade to ask her if she could be pregnant, by Marcelo. Rebeca eagerly eavesdrops on the other side of Lucia’s bedroom door, waiting for Lucia’s answer. Lucia admits that it’s totally possible. Dr. Nosey continues to get all up in Lucia’s business and points out that regardless of why she and Marcelo broke up, a baby changes everything (including messing up his own chances of moving in on her). He urges Lucia to get a pregnancy test right away.
Rebeca decides now is the time to bust up this little gab-fest. She doesn’t even bother to knock, and feigns interest in Lucia’s health. She then politely hustles Roman out and takes the opportunity to ask why he’s so interested in Lucia. Roman expresses his concern for them all, including Rebeca. He urges her to get that therapy she agreed to. But Rebeca got Al off her back (permanently) and Nora tied to her apron strings again, so she doesn’t need to pretend anymore. She tells Roman that she doesn’t have time for therapy. Roman gives her a final warning about just how vulnerable Nora is right now, and any little thing could push her over the edge. As Viewerville knows, Rebeca only cares about Nora’s mental health when it’s convenient, or inconvenient, for Rebeca.
Milagros also doesn’t give two flips about her child’s emotional health, and doesn’t get why Marcelo seems so down about Al’s death. But she’d much rather pry about why Magdalena came to see Marcelo. When that goes nowhere, she demands to know why Lucia dumped him, because it’s obvious. It’s also obvious to her that Lucia doesn’t give a damn about him, otherwise, she wouldn’t have told Marcelo to go take a long walk on a short pier (mandar a freír espárragos/sent him to go fry asparagus).
New Nice Nora tries to get Lucia to eat her food and drink her juice, as Roman ordered. Lucia is just as surprised as we are that her sister is being so good to her, and asks why. “Because you’re my sister. And because it’s what my dad would have wanted—for us to get along. Do you think it’s too late for that?” Lucia smiles and tells her it’s not too late. She thanks Nora again as she exits. Just then, Lucia gets a text from Marcelo reminding her of his love for her– she's moved by it, but also looks anxious.
Magdalena returns home and finds Mario at home with Padre Samuel. Now that she’s married to his BFF, Samuel insists that Magda speak to him informally. Since Magda knows Rebeca isn’t a church-goer and wouldn’t think of it, and the girls are likely too overwhelmed, she asks Samuel to organize a mass for Alonso. Samuel is happy to do it, but mentions that he did see Rebeca the other day at church. He saw her near the funerary niches, at the ashes of a young man named Federico Valdivia. “Does she have some relationship to him?” Magda lies to her husband and her priest and says Rebeca had no relationship with him, but does tell them that he was Marcelo’s brother. She nervously rushes off to the kitchen. Mario totally picks up on the fact that she’s hiding something.
Leticia asks Sara why she got Ric’s number from her. Sara lies and says it was just to find out why he’s been trying to contact Leti and to warn him not to hurt her. She wants to believe that he wouldn’t do that to Leti. Leti reads the nice card that Ric sent with the gift for her, but still doesn’t open the gift.
Amador is back to being a tipsy diva with Brigida, and is ticked off that she told Ric he was back at the fabrica. He tells Brigida that Ric demanded a job. “Why? You don’t have any obligation to him. Or do you?” Amador lies that he doesn’t. But it’s UNETHICAL for him to deny the poor guy a job. (Yeah, take a moment to let out a good hearty laugh about that.) Brigida marvels at the irony of Ric begging for a job at the fabrica, while Rod keeps rejecting working there, although the welcome mat would be laid out for him.
Rod comes home to Sergio’s, discouraged after yet another unsuccessful day of job hunting. Sergio reminds him that there’s a job waiting for him at Fabrica Gaxiola. Rod refuses to work with Marcelo, especially knowing that he and Lucia are getting married soon. Sergio asks him if he’s truly still in love with Lucia, or just obsessed? “I love her even more now than when we were together. As the saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got, until it’s gone.”
Lucia hobbles into Rebeca’s room to look for Plot Earring, but almost gets busted by Rebeca before she gets far. She lies that she wanted to talk to Rebeca about Roman’s visit with Nora, but Rebeca cuts her short. She heard all about it already.
What Rebeca really wants to talk about is Marcelo—namely if Lucia thinks she’ll get back together with Marcelo. Perhaps there’s “something” that will bring them back together?.. Lucia explains that she’s not planning on it right now, but she does still love him, and can’t get him out of her heart easily. "Well, it will be difficult if he’s still working at the fabrica. When is he leaving?" Lucia’s reached her limit with people getting all up in her business. She tells Rebeca that Marcelo will work there as long as she feels it’s pertinent, and then she hobbles out of the room. That answer is clearly not good enough for Rebeca. She puts her evil plotting face on.
Nora’s changed into her jammies and goes through her jeans pockets, where she finds Plot Earring. Rebeca’s in the bathroom when she knocks on her door, so Nora returns to her room with the earring and throws it in her nightstand drawer. See ya later, Plot Earring!
Mario tries to find out why Magda got so nervous when Samuel mentioned that Rebeca was in front of Marcelo’s brother’s niche. Magda denies anything is wrong, but Mario is sure there’s something she’s not telling him. Magda says it’s other people’s business, and it’s not her place to talk about it. “But, I’m your husband.” Mario is clearly hurt, but drops the subject. He then tells Magda that Rebeca called him today because she’s in a hurry to read Al's will. He points out that HE doesn’t hide any secrets from Magda.
The next day, Lucia has graduated from crutches to an old people’s cane. Nazario visits her and tries to make the case for Marcelo. Lucia asks him to respect her decision, so Naz gives her the other thing he came for—Al’s possessions from the morgue. Lucia quickly goes through the envelope, and even Al’s wallet, looking for the earring. She explains Plot Earring to Naz and what its absence from Al’s possessions could possibly mean. If Marcelo is right about Rebeca being the last person to see Al alive, what does that mean for him and Lucia? Lucia wants to corroborate the facts first.
Marcelo’s gone to see Mario to find out what were the final terms of the partnership dissolution that Al sent Mario. Mario says it’s up to the family now. Mario’s sure Lucia will want to go along with her father’s wishes, but he has no idea about Rebeca and Nora. Marcelo wants to be able to advise Lucia as best as he can. Well, it won’t serve much purpose, says Mario, as the majority of shares will be in Rebeca and Nora’s hands, since Al didn’t get a chance to change his will, which will be read that week.
Marcelo: “So that means Lucia will be at a disadvantage (desventaja). I hope Rebeca has enough sense not to allow Amador to return to the business.”
Mario: “That depends on what she thinks is most convenient for HER.”
Rebeca’s making a mess of the paperwork in Al’s office, waiting for Amador. She tells him that he was right. She has no fricking clue how to run this business. Was he being sincere when he said she could count on his unconditional support? Well, now he can prove it! “I want you to get rid of (deshacer) Marcelo Escalante. I don’t want him here, in the fabrica, or anywhere near my family.” Well, whadya know? Amador feels the same way. He hints to Rebeca that he’s suddenly found a large sum of cash missing from the accounts, and fraud sure does look good on Marcelo.
Rebeca wants guarantees that Amador will be able to pin the fraud on Marcelo. No problem, says Amador. To make it all look legit, Rebeca tells Amador to avoid any dustups with Marcelo before they drop the fraud hammer on him. Amador saunters out looking smug. He calls Ric and makes a date to meet.
Mario gives Marcelo the last version on the dissolution agreement and says he’ll help any way he can. Mario then also gives Marcelo his condolences for his brother and fishes for info on why his ashes are in Puebla and when and how he died.
Mili bitches to Rafaela about Marcelo confiding in Rafa about why he and Lucia broke up, but not in her, his Momster. Well yeah, he trusts (and likes) me more, points out Rafa. Mili’s still pushing Dani, and Rafa reminds her that Dani’s occupying someone else’ bed these days. Mili blames it all on Marcelo, who drove Dani to the arms of another. Rafa looks like she’s ready to break those dishes she’s drying on Mili’s head. She scolds Mili for always throwing blame on Marcelo for everything, instead of supporting him when he’s hurting most. Mili claims she cares, but then continues throwing blame on him, and trying to find out why Marcelo and Lucia broke up. Almost seems to her like Lucia somehow blames Marcelo for her father's death. Rafa’s had it, and tells Mili that Marcelo and Lucia WILL get back together, even if it pisses Mili off (reventar de coraje)!
Lucia gets back into Rebeca’s room and searches her jewelry boxes. She finds the non-missing earring, but not its mate, Plot Earring.
She’s interrupted by a call from Roman. He just can’t get out of her business, and urges her to get a home pregnancy test or see Sara, ASAP. Nora starts screaming for her, so Lucia has to hang up and hobble out fast. She lies to Nora that she was in Rebeca’s room looking for her to tell her about the mass Magda is organizing, tonight at 7pm. Nora buys it.
Meanwhile, Rebeca’s remembering Roman asking Lucia if she could be pregnant, just before she goes into a pharmacy and purchases some drugs. Uh, oh!
Leti visits Lucia to try to cheer her bestie up. Lucia doesn't feel like going out or doing anything. Leti’s sure thinking about her upcoming wedding to Marcelo will help. Lucia has to break it to her that there will be no wedding because she broke up with Marcelo. Leti doesn’t get it. They adore each other! Lucia says she can’t share the reasons why, and it’s not because she doesn’t trust Leti, she just can’t. Leti is surprisingly understanding about it and doesn’t push. She just wants to know if it’s definitive. “I don’t know.” Lucia asks to change the subject and thinks Leti’s news is about Sergio. Nope. “It’s about my dad.”
Ricardo meets with Amador in a bar. Amador tells him he does need an advisor after all. But Ric won’t be able to work at the fabrica, and he’ll have to keep it hush, hush. Slic Ric’s ok with that, but he’s not doing it for scraps (limosnas). Amador gives him his first assignment—a list of accounts for the fabrica. Ric needs to cook the books (maquillar) and make it look like Marcelo Escalante is guilty of fraud.
R: Who is Marcelo Escalante?
A: That’s not important.
Ric reminds Amador that this is serious business, and if it goes wrong, they’re both in deep doodoo. “Why would it go wrong? It didn’t go wrong for us up North, where we did something similar.” He questions Ric’s bravery. Ric looks incredulous, but takes up the challenge.
Leti asks for Lucia’s opinion on whether or not to start up a relationship with her father. She’s confused. She’s never had a father, and ever since Lucia’s dad died, she feels like she should give herself a chance to get to know hers. “It’s not my place to tell you if you should accept or reject him. Leti, he’s YOUR father. Perhaps it’s good for you to get to know him so that you can judge him objectively.” It’s all the encouragement Leti needed and she happily hugs Lucia, who tells her she has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Leti runs off back to work, but puts in one last plug for Marcelo before she goes. Isn’t Lucia worried that Nora will try to pick up her Marcelo scraps? Lucia is sure that Marcelo won’t pay her any mind if she does. Leti isn’t so sure.
Speaking of the Baby Viper, uhm… New Nice Nora– she interrupts Marcelo, who’s busy working. She gives her condolences for his recent split from her sister, but wonders why they broke up. Marcelo asks what Lucia told her. “Something like, right now she doesn’t feel capable of loving anyone.” Marcelo grunts. “Well, there’s your answer.” Nora presses on with her New Nice Nora Campaign. She tells Marcelo that all that’s happened has changed her. Marcelo barely looks up from his laptop. Well, whoopteedoo for you.
New Nice Nora asks if they can be friends, and after much cajoling, Marcelo reluctantly agrees. She is, after all, the sister of the woman he loves. Nora’s so happy that she kisses Normita and shakes Naz’s hand on the way out. They look at each other in shock. WTF?
Naz immediately goes into Marcelo’s office to ask what Nora wanted. He doesn’t trust New Nice Nora and tells Marcelo to be careful. Remember what they say, “son of the tiger…” (Hijo de tigre, pintito/Like father/mother, like son/daughter.) Marcelo knows and he’ll be careful. They get down to talking about the details of the dissolution agreement.
In Casa Gaxiola, Rebeca whips up a fresh glass of Abortion Juice—mixing orange juice with sugar and the contents of capsules from a prescription bottle. She asks Tere for Lucia, and heads to Al's study to find her. Lucia stops her search for the earring in Al’s desk hutch as soon as Rebeca enters. Like the Wicked Queen and Snow White, Rebeca offers Lucia the poison in the guise of a friend. She reminds Lucia that Dr. Andrade said she should be drinking juice for the nutrients and to keep her blood sugar up. Rebeca hangs around, to make sure that Lucia drinks the abortion juice all down. She tells Lucia about the will reading tomorrow, and then tells her that she’s letting Amador return to run things at the factory, since they don’t know how to run it, and Marcelo is leaving soon. Lucia is NOT in agreement—Nazario would be a better option. Rebeca points out that he works with the laborers, and doesn’t know about admin. Lucia knows this is NOT what her father would want, and she’s not going to let Rebeca go against his wishes (pasar por encima de su voluntad)! Rebeca insists they have no choice. “You’re not the only one in charge, Aunt. My opinion also counts, and my sister’s too.” Rebeca suggests they wait until the will reading to decide. “The only thing left is for you to hire your old lover. Or a new one…” Lucia excuses herself, and Rebeca examines the glass. She is pleased to see that it’s mostly empty.
At Dani’s, Ric’s asking for hugs, caresses and kisses to congratulate him on his new swindle, uhm…job. Things are looking up and finally going his way! Dani’s apprehensive that his being gainfully employed just means he’ll have less time for her. Oh, contraire! Ric thinks they should move in together! Dani doesn’t look thrilled by the idea, and says it’s a huge step. Ric kisses her hand, turns on the charm, and tells her to think about it. She agrees to think about it, but still looks slightly sick at the prospect. Ric is looking for a bottle of celebratory wine, when the doorbell rings. Daddy’s Home! Papa Alfredo Suarez shocks his daughter, telling her he wanted to see her. Dani looks guiltily over to the direction where her boyfriend, who has more gray hairs than her papa, is hunting for wine. Ric walks out while Dani is hugging her daddy.
Daniela starts to make the introductions, first telling Ric that this is her dad. When she starts to introduce Ric, Alfredo interrupts. “Yeah, I know exactly who he is. His name is Ricardo. Ricardo Marquez.” Alfredo looks like he knows not just his name, but also the kind of man Ric is, and Ric knows it.source: telenovelasgh.com

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