Color of Passion Final Part 1 Update on Wednesday 9th May 2018

And here's what will happen in the first part of the finale…

  • Naz counsels Lucia in a repeat scene not to give up on Marcelo. She's giving up.
  • We get a repeat scene of Amador whacking Marcelo.
  • Momster is looking at Fede's urn. Rafiella asks why she can't sleep. She's stewing about things and Rafi tells her to call Marcelo.
  • Amador had stowed an unconscious, bloodied with a gaping head wound, bound and gagged Marcelo into a Gaxiola pottery delivery van. He wakes him up, drags him out of the van and holds a sharp object to his neck.
  • Needless to say, Marcelo doesn't answer Momster's call.
  • Lalo has escorted Tere back to Naz's place. They think it's weird that Marcelo's car is there. Lalo sees the keys to it lying on the ground. They worry for what may have happened to Marcelo.
  • Momster calls the Gaxiola mansion looking for Marcelo and gets Naz. Naz tells her he's not there. Momster asks if they know where he is. Naz tells her that he was headed back to Mexico City, yes, this late. Momster is worried as he hasn't arrived and isn't answering his phone. Naz gets her number and promises to call her if he hears anything. Lucia overhears this conversation and gets visibly distraught. She's convinced something happened to Marcelo. Naz tries to allay her fears.
  • Naz is headed out to his house to see if Marcelo is there, when Tere and Lalo come running toward the mansion, asking if Marcelo is there. Now Naz is worried too, and he calls the police.
  • Amador is parading Marcelo through the factory. Marcelo is starting to resist. Amador holds up his sharp object and threatens him again.
  • Rebeca was resting, but she sits up, groggy and crying and looking for Nora. Mags comforts her. Rebeca is just devastated and sobbing, begging Mags to tell her that this didn't happen and wailing that she wants to be with her daughter.
  • Naz tells a growing-more-frantic Lucia that the police are looking for Marcelo. Lucia is worried and prays nothing bad will happen to Marcelo. Mags comes down to tell them that Rebeca is getting more desperate. She notices Lucia's behavior and asks, "Did something more happen?" Lucia gasps that Marcelo has disappeared and actually uses her cell phone for once, wait, no she hands it to Naz to make calls about Marcelo.
  • Brigida has gone to stay with Rod (I missed a few episodes so this may be old news). Someone rings the doorbell. It's the detectives and Rod asks if they have news of his father. Not exactly, but they would like information on Amador and Marcelo's relationship. Brigida tells the cops that Amador hated Marcelo and blamed him for all his work misfortunes. Rod asks why they're asking and the cops inform them that Marcelo is missing. They think he might be there. Brigida is outraged about that. The cops don't care and want to act on their leads before something bad happens.
  • Oh this doesn't look good:

  • Marcelo tries to wriggle out of his bindings while Amador gets drunk and cries and talks to himself about how he's to blame for losing his family and his son's love and 20 years of work and his best friend, who died hating him. He is having a real pity party and it's giving Marcelo a lot of wriggle-free time.
  • Marcelo gets free! Drunken Amador notices, stumbles over and tries to grab him, but Marcelo whacks Amador with something and gets away! This doesn't go smoothly as Amador had locked the nearest exit. Marcelo stumbles (remember, he's got a gaping head wound) and rushes into another part of the factory.
  • Amador has gotten up and is in pursuit, sharp tool in hand. Marcelo runs to a wall phone and tries to call out but it doesn't work. He leaves it off the hook and takes off. Amador finds Plot Wall Phone and knows he's on the trail.
  • Lucia calls Momster, who asks if she knows where her son is. She doesn't and she's very upset. He was going to Puebla. Lucia tells Momster about Nora's death and how she and Marcelo broke up. Then she hangs up on her. Momster tells Rafi that Lucia doesn't know where Marcelo is and her sister died.
  • Lucia holds Adriana's old cross necklace and prays all will be well. Mags bursts in to tell her the police have a working theory on Marcelo. They think he's at the factory based on the history he had with Amador, who is on the lam. Lucia freaks out, realizing that Amador intends to kill Marcelo. Mags tells her to calm down because God (and the telenovela Gods) would never permit this to happen.
  • Back to the factory, where Marcelo is still trying to get away from Amador. Luckily, the police have arrived, with Rod, Naz (factory keys in hand) and Mario. The less cute lead detective tells everyone to quietly approach Amador with caution if they spot him. They all go in as Marcelo and Amador continue playing cat and mouse. Most of the officers are sent one way, and the detective tells Naz to come with him. Rod stays put.
  • Amador comes around a potted plant looking for Marcelo. Marcelo jumps out of nowhere and tackles him! This knocks the sharp tool out of Amador's hand, and they struggle on the ground as both are reaching for it. Amador wins, and with tool upraised and Marcelo subdued, Amador is ready to kill!

  • Rod bursts in on this and yells, "Papa, no!" Amador asks what he's doing there and tells him to get out of there. Rod tells him to stop and Amador says he has nothing to lose. Rod stalls Amador just long enough for the police and Naz to surround the scene. Rod and Amador lock eyes, and Amador puts down the pointy thing and collapses to the ground, where the police take custody of him.
  • Naz helps Marcelo get up; he says he's fine. Rod, though, is visibly choked up as his father is handcuffed and has guns drawn on him. Amador gives his son one last look as he is led away. A tear rolls down Rod's cheek. Marcelo refuses medical treatment. The police tell him to come in and give his statement after he recovers.
  • Rod starts to leave and Marcelo thanks him. Rod says he didn't do it for him, he did it for his father and for Lucia. Rod leaves.
  • Naz walks Marcelo off to tend to him, but tells him he must call his Momster whether he likes it or not because she is worried.
  • Back at the mansion, Lalo gets the call from Naz that Marcelo is saved. Tere and Lalo are thrilled.
  • The next day, Rod goes back to his parent's house to tell Brigida what happened. Amador is looking at many years in jail. Rod and Brigida are just upset by the whole situation but they have each other at least and they give each other a hug.
  • Naz comes by the mansion to fill in Mags and Lucia. She asks why Marcelo didn't come there too? He's at the police station. Mags assumes this changes everything with the couple. Nope, it's Lucia so Marcelo is still broken up with. It changes nothing. Mario comes in and is kind of curious as to why Mags told him nothing. She was busy with things at the mansion. Mags and Mario go to check on Rebeca and then go home. Lucia starts to ask Naz something about Marcelo but changes her mind.
  • Marcelo is all cleaned up and looking at cell phone pictures of Lucia and himself in beachier times. Then he mans up and calls his Momster to let her know he's OK. She's so glad he called. He tells her he loves her. She says she loves him. Rafi notices he didn't tell her where he was. Momster is just glad he's OK. Rafi is glad he called. She asks if Momster is going to Nora's funeral, but Momster says no, it wouldn't be prudent.
  • It's time for Nora's funeral. The hearse arrives with her casket. The funeral will apparently be at the mansion and the casket is placed at the base of the staircase of doom. Everyone is somber, and Lucia is stricken with grief as she touches her sister's casket.

  • Meanwhile, Rebeca is upstairs, dressed but clearly not too ready for this. She tells Mags she'll be down in a moment.

  • Dani is summoned to visit Swag Daddy in his apartment. She asks what happened. He gets right into it and tells her that he cheated on her mother with a woman, and they had a daughter. Dani confirms that she has a sister? Does she know her? Swag Daddy says she does, as the mom is Rebeca Murillo. Dani is not happy to learn Nora is her sister but Swag Daddy shuts her up with the news that Nora has died by her own hand. Dani is overall stunned. Swag Daddy tells her he wants a better relationship with Dani. She doesn't know. He asks her to accompany him to the burial.
  • Mags leads everyone in prayer for Nora, as Rebeca comes down the stairs and asks to see Nora. Lucia opens the casket and Rebeca kisses Nora's forehead, says goodbye, and promises her they'll be together again one day and it will all be different.

  • Then Rebeca, in tears, heads back up the staircase of doom. Mags tells her they will be going to the cemetery soon. Rebeca simply says she's not going and leaves the room. They all look a little stunned, then resume. Since the casket is open, Mags gets an idea and has Lucia place a photo of Alonso in Nora's casket.

  • Rod is preparing to go to the cemetery, but he stops in for a chat with Brigida first. Brigida didn't think anything would turn out as it has.She doesn't want to go as she doesn't know how to comfort Rebeca. She's reluctant to take anyone's questions about what happened since she doesn't know how to answer. She's going to see Amador and help him as his spouse.
  • It's time for Nora's burial. There are quite a few people at the cemetery. Even Gloria came. Dani and Swag Daddy arrive. Meanwhile, we see Rebeca wandering the hallways of the mansion. We hear the padre read from the Book of Eccleasiastes – "To everything there is a season…" – and we see Rebeca go through Nora's room. Then Marcelo arrives at the burial and Lucia sees him. As the padre continues, we see Rebeca collapse sobbing on Nora's bed and flashbacks of the many times Rebeca did a mind game on Nora.
  • Then we see Rebeca get this out of a locked drawer…

  • Really creepy mysterious music plays as Rebeca ominously walks around holding the gun with her finger on the trigger…
  • Meanwhile, everyone is leaving the funeral. Leti actually gives Gloria a hug in solidarity. Swag Daddy encourages Rod and Dani to go out for coffee, which they do. Then he asks the padre why Nora's mother wasn't there. The padre says it appears she wasn't in shape to do so. Lucia looks for Marcelo but it seems he didn't linger longer.
  • Brigida visits Amador behind bars. He tells her and Rod to get a good lawyer. He asks her to find him one too. He asks for Rod and Brigida has to inform him about Nora's suicide and funeral.
  • Mags and Mario walk Lucia home. Lucia insists Mags go home to rest. Tere will help her. They tell Lucia to let them know if they are needed and get some rest. Mags and Mario are uneasy about leaving Lucia there. Who knows what will happen with Rebeca or if she will be able to function.
  • Lucia knocks on Rebeca's door. Rebeca is sitting in her chair. Lucia is stunned to see the gun in her hand. Rebeca quietly talks about how Nora was right. Alonso always loved Lucia most. Lucia tries to talk Rebeca out of what she's thinking, but Rebeca says Nora wasn't her sister and she'll always blame Lucia. Do you know what she must do? She raises the gun and points it at Lucia…

  • Lucia cringes, thinking that her stepmother is about to kill her. Instead, Rebeca says goodbye, and puts the gun in her own mouth. We see Lucia's horrified face, and then the mansion of doom, as we hear the gunshot and then Lucia's anguished scream…"Nooooooooooo!"
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