Color Of Passion Update on Wednesday 14th February 2018

Ricardo blames Rebecca for everything that he's lost, his future was all planned out until she came along. Rebecca say ay pobrecito! Too bad you can't go back. Ric says there may not be a chance to go back that doesn't mean he's not going to get some of what was lost to him, one way or another. He proceeds to force himself on her and pushes her back on to the blue chair as she begins fighting back like a wild cat kicking and clawing at him. She manages to get herself upright again, only for him to slap her back on to the chair where he ramps up his assault even more. The almost empty bottle of Montalvo tequila is within reach and she grabs it and clubs him over the back of the head with it. He's not knocked out, but seeing stars for sure and she takes that opportunity to scramble out the door and out of the apartment building to her waiting SUV parked right out front. It's a moment before she pulls herself together, as she's tearfully shaken up by what almost happened to her. Shakily she gets the key in the ignition and drives away. A few seconds behind her departure; Al in his BMW pulls in to the same spot. Meanwhile inside the apartment, Ric ices his bruised scalp as he examines his clawed up cheek. Right then, he hears his doorbell and checks the peephole. It's Al! Ricardo thinks better to not answer.
Sergio is at Lety's retrieving his car. She jokes that she was beginning to think he had gifted it to her, but Sergio says it was so late by the time he got finished with Rod's legal problems that he thought it was better to wait until the next day to come get his car. Lety wants the scoop on Rod, did he do it? Sergio says no, Rod says he didn't do it and he believes his buddy. Lety wants to know what the Police think, do they have proof? Sergio says he doesn't think he should discuss this with her or anyone for that matter. Why not? We're friends right? But Sergio isn't sure they're friends because if they were she would have confided in him about her father. He's been waiting for days for her to turn to him and trust him but she hasn't and that says a lot to him. Lety tries to explain but it's too little too late for Sergio. He gets it, and he's okay with it. If Lety didn't think about him, she just didn't. He thanks her for taking care of his car and he'll see her tomorrow at work. Lety is left to ponder this relationship.
Rebecca comes into her house and pauses at the stairs to tidy up her shirt and appearance unaware that Dr. Roman Andrade is sitting a few feet away from her. Good afternoon! Clearly it's not for Rebecca and she stomps toward him, eyes blazing. What the hell are you doing here? He tells her that Al asked hi to come by to speak to sNora and he's waiting for her to come down. Rebecca doesn't know what Al has told Doc but she doesn't want him to see sNora anymore not in his office or here and not her either. Roman wonders why his presence bothers her so much. Who do you think you are? Roman tells her he's sNora's doctor and he's convinced that she could help sNora if she wants to see her get better. sNora is the most important thing in my life and if you had an ounce of intelligence you would know I have nothing to do with her bad/evil behavior. Roman has all the mental assessment he needs from this short get-to-know session with Rebecca. He tells her that he doesn't doubt that she loves sNora as he says she does, but there is a type of love that hurts. She screams at him to get out, just as sNora comes strolling in. Why are you running off my doctor? Because he has nothing to do here. Roman tells her the truth, he came to see her because he knows she's had a rough time lately but he doesn't want to force the situation. So it's up to her does he stay or go? It's a clear challenge for sNora as Roman waits and Rebecca lifts her chin confident her daughter will side with her. sNora takes a step toward adult hood and tells the handsome doc to stay. She gives her mother a hard stare. Lucia comes down the stairs and catches a glimpse of Roman before sNora slides her father's study/office doors shut. She asks Rebecca if that was Dr. Roman Adrade. Well I don't think there are two like him! Rebecca replies on her way up the stairs. Does my father know? No answer.
sNora tells Doc Roman that she asked him to stay only because she doesn't like her mother making decisions for her but the truth is she's fine. Are you sure? Yes why do you doubt it? Roman says he knows she had some family problems and he wanted to see if she needed help, but only if she wants it. sNora façade dissolves into tears and she sits in the chair and buries her face and sobs. Is it that bad? sNora says the whole world thinks she's crazy but it's just that no one understands her, not her mother or her father..no one. She begins to cry uncontrollably again, this time prompting Roman to get up and come to where she is. He gently places his hand on her back. The simple gesture prompts her to turn and place his hand against her face. He allows it gives her his other hand. This girl is dying of toxicity, Rebecca's.
Lucia is still looking for her father and she calls up to Tere who is standing in the hallway getting herself babe-licious for Lalo. Tere has no idea where Al is. Lucia thinks it's strange that her father would leave if he knew Dr. Andrade was coming over, but then she thinks maybe he didn't know. Tere realizes that the young man that came to see sNora is a doctor and wonders if she's sick. Lucia no and it doesn't matter. Tere asks if Lucia isn't going to mention how she looks and assumes it's because she looks bad. Lucia says on the contrary, she looks very pretty! Tere even the girls a bit on display with some serious cleavage. Has Lalo come for you? Tere says no, and Lucia said most likely he was, but now she's nervous he isn't coming. Lucia tells her to go out to the street, maybe he's about to ring the bell. You think so? Lucia tells her she's got nothing to lose. Tere gets excited again and says you're right I don't. Before she leaves Lucia asks her what time it is. 2:30! Outside Tere looks around before opening the gate, just then Lalo comes running. I thought you were never going to come out! He says kissing her hand. And I thought you were never going to arrive! Why don't you ring the bell? Lalo says it didn't occur to him. Well never mind she says, where are you taking me? Lalo says where ever you want Teresita! Well it's Sunday and she always goes to mass. Lalo says well then let's go!
At Marcelo's place he has what I believe is his second male visitor! Nazario! Rafi gives the run down of drinks, coffee, lemon water or how about some orange juice? Naz declines them all, he's just there to see his buddy Marcelo. Raf leaves them to visit in peace, but tells Naz to be sure and not tire Marcelo too much. Marcelo apologizes for Rafi's protectiveness, but Naz says Marcelo is fortunate to have someone like her who cares about him and he tells Marcelo that she was very worried about him when he was injured, they all were. His mom, Lucia, Al and even Naz. Marcelo says he's grateful, he knows Naz was there all night until he knew Marcelo was out of danger. Naz jokes that Marcelo didn't deserve it. Marcelo tells Naz that with him he's experienced and confided things he never had the chance to do with his father. Naz is clearly moved and says he expects that means he will have a dignified place at Marcelo's wedding to Lucia. Marcelo is pleasantly surprised that Lucia told Naz. Naz says it's time Marcelo speak with Al and Marcelo agrees even if it means he'll have to speak with his mother too. Marcelo tells Naz that he (Naz) doesn't know his mother, but telling her could complicate things further.
sNora swears it wasn't her intention to hurt her mother. She put her hand in the way and was cut by the letter opener. It wasn't her intention. Roman says it may not have been her intention but she has to acknowledge that her reaction wasn't the most suitable. Well sorry sNora says but she was desperate. Her mother was threatening to take her far away from Marcelo and she couldn't permit it especially now that Lucia and Marcelo are going to get married. Roman says he knows it hurts sNora but sooner or later she's going to have to accept it. No! sNora says she won't allow it, Lucia has no right to marry the man I love. Roman tells Lucia to answer him truthfully, does she really love Marcelo or is she just obsessed with him because he loves her sister Lucia? sNora is completely put off by his comment, he's just like everyone else…everyone else thinks the same thing he does, but it's not true. sNora says she loves Marcelo he is the love of her life. sNora doesn't know what Lucia has that every man who crosses her path ends up falling in love with her. sNora notices that some Lucia fairy dust is in Roman's eyes and she puts him sharply in her focus. Just like you…you like Lucia? Why do say that? Roman asks, as the fairy dust lifts up and around his head. Because you said when you met her she left you with a good impression. Roman says just because she left him with a good impression doesn't mean he likes her. sNora thinks that may have been his ulterior motive for coming over..a possibility of seeing Lucia. He cuts his visit short saying we'll leave things right here and I'll expect you at my office tomorrow for your usual consultation, if you decide to continue with the therapy. After he leaves, sNora says he likes her…of course he likes her. Outside the enchanting fairy princess herself waits for Doc Andrade. She asks him how it went with her sister. Better than expected he says, he got sNora to open up and talk to him. He asks how her boyfriend is doing and Lucia says much better. She tells him that Marcelo is going to continue to be a source of disruption between her and sNora. Roman says don't worry, sNora is going to end up understanding. Lucia says she hopes so. Roman says it's obvious that Lucia cares for her sister in spite of everything. Lucia says very much, sNora is her only sister and even if they never have gotten along well, she wants her sister to be happy. Doc Roman is obviously enchanted and another misting of fairy dust has fallen on him. This time she says goodbye to him with a warm kiss on the cheek and he stays rooted to the spot watching her walk away. He'll probably never wash that cheek again. Lucia fairy love potion, we gotta bottle this up!
Sara comes home and finds Lety in her bed and assumes she's ill. Lety says no she was just thinking. Sara hopes it's not about her father, but Lety says sort of but not really. She proceeds to tell her mother about the incident with Sergio. Sara asks her daughter if they're such good friends then why didn't you tell him? Lety says she's not sure, probably because she was ashamed. Sara says if she values her relationship with Sergio, then Lety needs to ask for his forgiveness. Lety says she'll do it first thing when she sees him at work the next day. Sara urges her to go do it right now, to which Lety chuckles because it wasn't that long ago, her mom was kicking Sergio out of her house. Sara reminds her that she also was under the impression he was the one that had gotten sNora Gaxiola pregnant. Lety says true. Sara goes on to tell her daughter that obviously she was wrong, because she can see now that Sergio is a good guy and obviously a good friend and you have to value and keep good friends because they are hard to find. Lety says her mom is so right, Sergio is a good friend to her and always taken care of her and supported her.
Ding Dong, Ding dong! Mario's very nice and smooth sounding doorbell alerts him has a visitor. Hmm who could it be? Why lookie there..it's Magda. Can I come in? I don't know what for. Because we need to talk she says (Let's hope it's not about Ricardo again). He lets her in. She tells him he has no idea how bad her night was and he tells her it can't have been worse than his. It was sad to discover that the woman he loves, thinks morning, noon and night about another man. Magda tells Mario to please not say that, while it's true that Ricardo has caused her to lose control again, that doesn't mean she is interested in him and much less that she still loves him. Mario says the facts/her actions show the opposite. You really don't believe me? Magda asks. You seriously don't know that it's you I'm in love with and that you're the man I want to start my life with? Mario says supposing that's true, he's not so sure anymore that he's the man who can make her happy. He's been thinking a lot and he feels they should cancel the wedding. Magda says please don't say that, don't you abandon me too. Don't you realize that the one who is dying of fear is me? Mario tells her he's afraid that at the last minute she's going to regret it. Magda tells him to stop being foolish, she wants more than anything to marry him and form a family together. This seems to get Mario's attention. A family? Magda says sure, she knows she's not some young thing, but she thinks she still has some time to become a mother, don't you think? She goes so far as to tell him that she has a gynecology appointment the next day to check if any cobwebs have started forming up in her uterus. Okay that was mean..but anyway, Mario says well with that promise, he would be crazy to let her go.
Ding! Another door bell ringing but this time we see who is on the porch! It's Al and on the other side opening? It's Sara! Oh hey Alonso! Hola, I was just you know ..hanging around and well I didn't want to go to my house, so I thought I'd see how you were? Sara has her dream man on the porch and well what's a girl to do..invite him in of course. Al does one better though, he invites the lady to go with him to din-din! You and me..alone? Al says yes, he has something to discuss with her and he wanted to do it some place nice but if she has other plans or with her daughter he understands. Sara is not about to let a gift like this from the Virgencita pass. Oh no..I was about to eat alone, because Lety went out and most likely won't be home until late. Al is beaming!
Ding! Dong! Raf opens the door…it's Lucia who is obviously running late. She thinks he must be furious but the one who is pressed is Rafi. It turns out Marcelo is not home! Lucia says how can that be when he's not in any condition to be out running around. Yeah, well when your boyfriend gets foolish, God the father can't get him to see reason. It turns out our Marcelo has gone to see his mother about….Lucia's tia! Uh-oh.
Speaking of ding dongs and not the kind that ring, we see the ding dong whine-nelia escorting Marcelo into Milli's apartment. What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in bed? Marcelo says he needs to speak to his mother. Well here you have me, answers Mili who is in the kitchen. Whine-nelia can't catch a clue and Marcelo tells her to beat it. She's not happy and says she was leaving anyway. Mili thinks it's something that her son was so worried that he felt the need to come especially in his condition. Marcelo knows that she was very upset yesterday and he thinks it's very important that they talk. Mili says of course she was upset, and she hopes he came to give her the name of that worthless unfortunate woman who killed your brother. Marcelo says ok, well let's make a deal. I'll tell you everything I know about the woman that my brother was tangled up with. In return Mili has to come clean with all the information she has on the woman that Marcelo's father was going to leave her for. How does that sound? Deal? Or is there something that you and Rafi want to hide that you don't want to talk about? Mili is caught and not happy! Marcelo says it's obvious they're both hiding something regarding the death of his father. Mili thinks he's sick in the head, she doesn't know where he gets these ideas. Marcelo says it's his intuition. Mili says well it's wrong and what does his brother's murder have to do with his father's querida! Marcelo's says they have nothing to do with each other, but he wants her to tell him what he wants to know the same way she wants him to tell her what she wants. Marcelo wants to know everything about that woman. Who was she? What is her name and where can I find her? Mili is backed into a corner, why? What are you going to do..go look for her? Marcelo says possibly, because he's sure that woman clear up many things regarding his father. Mili says well you aren't blackmailing me, you idiot boy! Marcelo says that's not what it is, all he wants is for them to be frank with each other. Mili has had enough and she tells Marcelo to leave. Do me the favor of getting out of my sight. Get out I said! He does as his mother says but tells her when she is read to talk calmly to let him know. After she hears the door shut, she throws her cup to the floor!
Buzz…buzz! I'm coming! Sweet Sergio has a visitor to his bachelor pad and it's Lety-me-in without asking me. She comes in like a gust of hot wind with her mouth open and sucking up all of the fresh air that is in the room. Blah bah blah..you're busy with Rodrigo, but I didn't want to wait until tomorrow to ask for your forgiveness. She begins telling him he was right when a female voice and footsteps come down his stairs. It's Glo-whoria! Hey Lety, what are you doing here? Lety is embarrassed and tells Sergio she didn't know he had company she rushes out and tells him she'll see him at work tomorrow. Sergio tries to stop her but it's too late. Glo wonders what bit her, does she have something for you too? Sergio says no, Lety has other interests. Glo says well by the look on her face, she didn't like seeing me here. Sergio clearly is confused too by what happened and tells Glo it's time for her to get lost. He doesn't want to be disrespectful to her but he's got to prepare for Rod's case tomorrow. She's still obviously hung up on Sergio because she's all gooey eyed when she tells him she just came by to see how he things were going with his friend. When he has time she wants him to call her or write her if he wants, don’t forget about her. She gives him a kiss on the cheek before leaving. She's left her info on his chalkboard wall and tells him not to erase it. Umm. pretty sure that will be erased soon. So go Glo!
Tere and Lalo cuties that they are, are walking and eating some ice cream. Tere says Lalo better not think she didn't realize that he didn't take communion, follow the mass or even recite the our father. Lalo confesses that he's not religious. Tere says that's clear. Lalo says that doesn't mean he's a bad person she can check his references with Don Nazario. Tere says she already checked them with Lucia. Lalo is confident that she said good things, otherwise she wouldn't have accepted to go out with him. Tere tells him how he behaves will determine if he gets a second date. She then says he has her walking around and nothing to eat. Lalo says there's a solution for that, what would she like to eat? Tere says whatever but it has to be soon because she feels like her pressure (blood sugar) is dropping. Well what about the frozen? Tere says this was just a snack. Lalo says he's going to take her to eat at a place where they make the best enchiladas! Right then she spots Lety and wonders why she's out here and all alone. Lalo says well he can find out, in the mean time she can have his frozen so her blood pressure doesn't drop. Tere says she's going to get stopped up. Lalo says he'll buy her another one if she likes! Ay! Lety meanwhile is on a bench babbling to herself that she's stupid, an idiot. Why was he with that dumb ass? She says to herself, No Lety, the dumb ass is you. There's a young man on a bench a bit further away and he hears Lety's self loathing rant. He makes eye contact with her and she tells him ..a thousand times stupid….I am stupid! He obviously thinks she cray cray because he gets up and walk away, only making Lety realize that her actions make her appear foolish and silly.
Lety's cray cray is not as bad as sNora's who paces in her room asking herself What do I do? What do I do? She comes up with something, probably not healthy or good and heads out. Where are you going? Asks Rebecca the hall patrol. Out to see a friend. Have you seen your father? No sNora says and if you don't know where he went it's because he doesn't want you to know. Oh yeah..sorry you're going to eat alone. Bye! This is what happens when you raise a kid who is your mini-me Rebecca, you get a taste of what it's like to be on the receiving end of you. A cold blooded bitch.
Al has given all the deets about Ricardo ditching Magda for Rebecca, to Sara but Al isn't sure what he believes. He needs Sara to help him figure it out She wonders how she could help. Al points out that during that time she was also involved with Ricardo, so does she remember anything during that time that might have indicated there was something between him and Rebecca. Sara doesn't remember but with Ricardo you could expect anything. So does that mean what Ricardo said about Rebecca could be true? Sara doesn't know she wouldn't dare to accuse anyone of anything without clear proof including his wife. Al doesn't know what to think anymore about his wife, what she's shown him is that she's someone very different than what he thought. Could it be that you're looking for an excuse to separate from her? Al says no, he doesn't need an excuse, if he hasn't terminated his relationship with Rebecca, it's only because of sNora. He's worried about her precarious emotional instability. Al says that his separation is going to happen sooner or later. His phone begins ringing…and after looking at it, he turns it off and asks Sara if she'd like more wine. She says yes, and it's obvious she knows who that was and doesn't care if he doesn't care. Get your groove back Sara! Meanwhile Rebecca is losing hers all over the place. She tries to blow up Al's phone but she gets the message that it's off or out of the range of service. Close..the truth is that Al and his phone are only receiving static in her area. So it's now picking up strong signals by Sara's area! *snap-snap*
Lucia tells Marcelo she's calm knowing that Mili still doesn't know anything, though she's aware it's only for a short time, because sooner or later she's going to find out. Marcelo said he made it clear to his mother that he's not going to tell her a thing until she tells him what he wants to know. Lucia knows that this thing with his father is something very important to Marcelo but she doesn't understand what's going on. Marcelo says he isn't sure himself what he's trying to find out; all he knows is that something serious happened between them. He doesn't think it was just that his father was going to leave his mother before he died. This is news to Lucia, she thought Marcelo's parents were a couple up until the day his father died. Marcelo thought the same thing, but what he's telling her he just found out recently and he's sure his mother his hiding something more. Could these just be your suppositions? No, he spoke to her today and you should have seen her face when I was questioning her. Lucia says well maybe it was how you put it, because you don't stop talking about it. Marcelo says maybe they should just change the subject. Lucia says yes, because what she needs to tell him isn't very nice. sNora found out we're getting married and ..she went cuh-razy! Marcelo isn't thrilled but says sooner or later she's going to have to accept it. Yes, that's the same thing Roman told me. Who's Roman? sNora's psychiatrist, I told you. Oh Roman *sniff* hmm..well you sure talk about him a lot lately and with so much familiarity. Lucia says well that's his name Roman Andrade. Andrade? Yes, and if I talk about him, it's because he went to the house to see sNora. Marcelo pouts a bit and Lucia teases him about his jealousy. Don't be like that. *kiss-kiss* The passion is too much, because suddenly Marcelo is in pain and bleeding from his wound. She panics and yells for Rafaela.
Brigi waits as the young detective examines the things she brought Rod, clean clothes and something to eat. He gives the okay and she passes them through the bars to her son. It's painful for Brigi and she tearfully tells her son she can't imagine the trash they give her son in here. The truth is I haven't been hungry mom, but thank you. She tells Rod that he'll see that very soon this nightmare will be over, his father is moving heaven and earth to get him free and that's why he's not there, because he's working on it. Rod she can tell Amador to stop looking because he doesn't want his help. Sergio is doing it and he can do it alone. Brigi says she's offended to by what Amador did but this isn't the time to refuse his help, his father is obligated to get him out of this problem. Rod says he doesn't think he's getting out of there. Brigi says don't say that dear, you'll see that you will, don't lose faith. Time is up and the detective tells her she has to go. Rod says a tender goodbye to his mother. Nosy and all, but she's there for her boy through good times and bad. Rod sits on his bunk, tears in his eyes.
sNora pulls up to Rod's house in her little red car. She rings the bell several times and then yells for him. No answer. She then yells for the maid, Esperanza. No answer. Finally, for Brigida. No answer. She whips out her cell and dials Rod. She gets his voice mail message but chooses not to leave one. Where the hell are you?
Whine-nelia has come to the public ministry and she crosses paths with mama bear Brigi who gives her a bitch slap she deserves. What is the matter with you? Because of you my son is in this dirty place, because of you he's going to be condemned for something he didn't do. Whine-nelia says tell it to the police, because she doesn't care. Brigi says wait..please! Oh the lady knows how to say please? Brigi throws her dignity at Whine-nelia's feet. Please help my son. Whiney says she's not a lawyer and she doesn't know how she could help. Brigi tells the brat to say she was mistaken, that she didn't see Rod in her cousin's apartment. I'm sorry but I'm not going to lie. Brigi says it's obvious Whine-nelia isn't a mother and she leaves. She tells Detective J a bit later that if the reason he called her was to let her know that Rodrigo was jailed she already knows. Detective J says no he has some questions for her. The suspect says he left the apartment right after he saw you there, do you know if this is true? Whiney says truthfully she left them there in the middle of the entry way but in thinking more about it based on what she saw, if there had been any thing bad between them Ligia wouldn’t have let him in. Detective J is frustrated now. So now you aren't sure he's the one who killed her? Whiney says all she saw was the two of them arrive together, she doesn't know if it was him or someone else who killed her cousin. It was a surprise to her that her cousin had a relationship with Rodrigo and for all she knows there were other men in her life. Detective J gets the feeling whiney is now defending Rod. I'm not defending anyone, but if he was the one that killed her, you would already have the proof in your hands right? Detective J says tomorrow Rod will be formally charged unless there is something that can free him.
Rafi read Marcelo for being a foolish moron and going out to see his mother. Meanwhile Lucia says she can't get a hold of his doctor. She's left three messages already Marcelo says. Lucia says she'll call Lety's mom, but Marcelo says it's Sunday, let the lady rest. Lety answers and says her mom isn't home, she gives Lucia her mom's cell number. Lety assumes it's her father, but Lucia says it's Marcelo, she'll tell her later. Lucia's relays the number to Rafi who writes it down. Meanwhile Sara and Al have had such a good time that they are now the only ones in the restaurant and time has passed as Sara notes on her cell phone clock. Al says that means nothing bad happened right? Sara not at all but it's probably time they go. Right then her phone rings and it's Lucia who tells her that Marcelo is bleeding and they can't locate his doctor. She says she'll be right over. Al asks what's up and she tells him, he offers to go with her.
sNora waits in her red car when she finally spots Brigi heading into her house. She tells Brigi she needs to see Rod, do you know where he is? Brigi says it's obvious she doesn't know. Know what? Brigi breaks into tears again. sNora asks her to tell her what's wrong. Hmm.
It's late evening now in Puebla and Sergio has gone to see his boss. He knows that Mario doesn't want to involve himself in the situation because Ligia was his secretary, but Rod is Sergio's friend and he has to help him. Mario respects Sergio's decision but Mario, can not and should not involve himself in this. Sergio says fine but can Mario at least recommend a penal/criminal lawyer. Are you sure you aren't being too unsure of yourself? Sergio says he's not unsure but the way things are he's not going to be able to handle the whole package. Mario says tell me, do you think your friend is innocent? No, I know he's innocent he's not capable of murdering anyone. This thing is really difficult. Mario says okay tomorrow I'll give you some information that I have in my office. Sergio is very grateful, good night!
Rod's got all the ladies today coming and going on his behalf and this time it's sNora. She comes in all Jessica Rabbit, full of sexy attitude. She drops her bag and tells Detective J, that she's Nora Gaxiola and she's there to tell them that Rodrigo didn't commit the crime they are accusing him. It wasn't him. And how do you know this? Because the night of the murder he was with mesource: telenovelasgh.com

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