Cosita Linda Epiosde 17 Update on Tuesday 13th March 2018

Narciso assures Tiffany that the wedding will take place and that he will talk to his son.
Debbie can not talk to her cousin Mari José because Narciso has forbidden her to receive calls. Narciso orders Diego to marry Vivi because he comes from a respectable family and must not behave like that but Diego refuses to listen to him.
Olegario tries to get closer to Ana, but she does not pay attention to him. Diego goes to the church and tells all the guests that the wedding was canceled because of him and that his ex fiancée had nothing to do with it. Ana and Diego meet on the platform, as they had arranged, and realize that they were designed for each other.
Ana is in shock because she can not understand how Diego could break up with a woman who he has been with for three years to be with her. Diego asks Ana to return to Key West to spend a few days away from everything. Viviana hires Lisandro to take revenge on his rival.source: telenovelasgh.com

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