Cosita Linda Episode 49–50 Update on Monday 16th April 2018


Olegario promises Federico that he will do everything for Marijose to marry his son Fede; in return he will introduce it to high society.
He summons Mariana to keep his commitment, otherwise she will be disinherited. Consuelo goes shopping with Lupe, his friend. Diego discovers that Vivi had spent the night at Ana's house because she was looking for a friend. Ana has another chance at the audition. Laura is surprised to see Palmira at the company. Tiffany offers to Vivi to get Diego pregnant to keep him while he asks for a divorce.
Diego and Ana spent a passionate night.
After that, Diego feels the need to talk with Vivi to tell him that their marriage is over. Mariana invites her mother to go shopping and buy everything they want. Marijose has a delay and thinks she is pregnant. Debbie is not able to control her addiction to alcohol. Lupe and Santa talk to Olegario because they are afraid that the rich world will destroy it.
Lupe is really mad at Ana who has not returned. Vivi is crazy because her husband did not sleep at home. Ana explains her father that his friend was stolen and that they had to find shelter for the night and that's why they did not come home.
When Diego decides to talk with Vivi to ask for a divorce, he discovers that Vicente and Laura had an accident and they are in the hospital, so he decides to postpone their conversation. Vicente is arrested.
Lisandro is promoted as safety boss of Lujan Productions, Olegario asks him to put microphones all around this company for him to listen to the conversations of the employees. Lisandro meets Ana Lorena in the company and recognizes her. He tells Vivi everything.
Mariana is jealous of Marijosé because of her relationship with Santi. To avenge herself, she agrees to marry Fede.
His sister also accepts Santi's marriage proposal, but Debbie reminds him that Santi loves him because he believes she is Mariana. Laura discovered an empty bottle of Whiskey in the room.
While Diego sued Vivi to be with her, Ana Lorena hesitated because Vivi saved her life. Decided to stay with Diego, Vivi on advice Tiffany decides to do an artificial insemination and attribute the pregnancy to Diego.
Lisandro goes to see Ana as the security boss and questions her.
Consuelo goes to her son's office for the first time, but employees following the company's policies treat her as anonymous. Angry Olegario demands an apology. Santi is with Mariana and she realizes she is no longer the same.
This Mariana is very interested in money and luxury while he loves the gentle and humble Mariana. Laura comes home with and realizes that her daughter has a real problem with alcohol. Ana tells Romi what happened the night before with Diego and tells him that she loves him as she had never loved anyone.
When Vivi hears from Lisandro that Ana Lorena was Diego's lover, she becomes hysterical. Tiffany tries to calm her down and explains that she has to exploit this situation in her favor. Ana feels guilty for all the suffering she causes to Vivi, but she loves him more after the passionate night they had. Vicente confesses to Diego that he loves Palmira but that he will not risk his marriage with Laura for an adventure with her.
Vicente forbids Debbie to drink alcohol in her house. Diego finds Vivi in ​​tears in his office with Tiffany. Mariana is upset because everyone prefers Marijose.source: telenovelasgh.com

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