Fall Into Temptation Episode 71 Update on Thursday 1st November 2018

THE PRESENT: Raquel refuses to listen to Santiago’s explanations about why he went on the trip with Alina without telling her. She asks him to leave because she doesn’t want to see him again since she can’t stand anymore lies from people and Santiago tells her that she is making a huge mistake.
Damian says to Mia that he killed Carolina and he tells Mia that they were in a car and after a while the accident happened and Mia asks him to forget about that woman because she doesn’t even exist because she is dead. Raquel wants to know why he got nervous and Mia tells her mum that Damian talked about Carolina and he got nervous.
Godoy tries to interrogate Andres in Laura’s house if he killed Carolina and he tells him that first he wants to explain to him that he had nothing doing with his wife and also, she never told him that he still lives there with her. Godoy thinks Andres is a coward to admit the truth when even the evidence is real. About killing Carolina Andres answers that he will never speak without his lawyers’ presence. Godoy then tells Laura that with this act, she tore the last trust that bind them and Laura goes hopeless.
Alina tries to calm down Santiago saying that Lola is been taken care of.
Raquel reproaches Damian for not having been honest with her and not telling her about cheating on her. Raquel asks Damian not to talk about Carolina with his children because that hurts them very much by making those statements and so she prefers he asks her instead in case he wants to know things or discuss things about Carolina. He asks Raquel if Carolina is dead and she says YES but the other thing is that the gun that was used to kill Carolina was tested and his fingerprints was on it.
THE PAST: Carolina doesn’t go to work and Raquel calls her to know the reason and she tells her that she has to stay back to take care of Benjamin because Florencia quit her job. Right there arrives Santiago to ask her why Florencia could quit just like that and she say Florencia said that if she continues to work, she cannot catch up with her studies. Santiago then asks her not to worry because he will find another person to assist her with Benja.
Santiago then calls Florencia to ask why she quit and she asks him to ask Carolina because she gave her her reason but she is sorry.
Carolina meets Damian and they discuss everything Fede told each of them and thus for them to separate. Florencia also knows it but as to if she will say something to them, she can’t tell. Damian then suggests to Carolina to face the situation and tell the truth to their spouse but Carolina is afraid of their family’s disgust after they get to know the truth.
THE PRESENT: Andres arrives at Miriam’s house and she questions him to let them talk about the supposed money Damian was traveling with that apparently never got to its location and he assures her to not worry because it’s just business he is doing with some people which she needs not to know about it because it could hurt her but he will continue to protect her. She then calls Fede not to come to her house to see her as they agreed to meet to talk.
Vicente doesn’t want to be set free from jail because he’s afraid that Blas Garrido might kill him but Antonio careless because he continues to tell the truth about who killed Carolina.
Nico reproaches his father Santiago for having lied to him about his trip and tells him that Carolina did the same.
Godoy arrives at the Becker’s house to talk to Cynthia but she felt reluctant but Raquel asks her to talk to him. She accepts and Godoy apologizes to Cynthia for the way he has treated her and he tells her that he thought he could save his marriage but he was wrong and so she should forgive him because he doesn’t want to lose her. There, they get carried away and Laura tries calling but Godoy never pick.
Juan follows Florencia to her house and gives them the message that Juan told her to let them know that as he found her, he is capable of looking for all of them and after, Antonio asks her to file a case against Juan so the police can take over. She then seizes the opportunity to confess to Santiago her love for him but she knows she loves Raguel and he should fight for Raquel no matter what because she is a great woman and Santiago wishes him same to get a Good man to marry. Florencia the kisses him to bid goodbye.
Raquel tells Damian that she needs him to recover so he Will know her reason for sezing to love him and Damian goes nervous.
Santiago asks Luisa (Juan’s mum) for help so Juan doesn’t do any crazy thing.
Azucena visits Damian at home and she tells him that she can always trust her and Damian recollecting the accident again, he tells Azucena that the money was not in the car and there, a flash back is shown where Vicente demands Damian where the money at the accident scene.

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