Fire and Ice Episode 139–140 Update on Friday 13th April 2018

Scene 1 Yuvi asks Mahi to not go against her family for him, he says your family loves you alot, i did some mistakes in past and they might forgive me but please believe me all, I love Mahi alot, she is my passion, Mahi says you all still think that Yuvi hasnt changed? Twinkle is dejected, Mahi says to RT that i love Yuvi alot, you know my happiness lies with him, i love him alot, she cries and pleads to him saying that she cant stay without him, she starts breathing heavily, Yuvi comes to her and asks her to calm down, he asks her to breath, he says to Mahi that i know they dont trust me now but when they will know how much i love you then they will believe me, Mahi hugs Yuvi and says i cant live without you, Twinkle asks Mahi to come with her, Babee says she is not in right senses, let me take her, she takes her from there, Yuvi asks her to go. Yuvi says to family that i am sorry for everything but i love Mahi alot, Twinkle says what you think that you will lie and we will believe you? get lost from here, Kunj says let it be, if Mahi listens again then she will get aggressive again, Twinkle angrily leaves from there. RT says to Kunj that when Mahi talks about Yuvi, she seems different, she seem confident, her stammering goes away, Kunj says i understand but Yuvi cant change, its is nature. Twinkle says to Leela that why our happiness comes with problems? we got Mahi now and Yuvi came in our lives again, Leela says this is not time to be emotional, you see Mahi is under Yuvi’s spell, she is taking his side, she believes him blindly, you have to be strong for this. Anita comes to Yuvi’s room, he says i missed you alot, he is about to hug her but she slaps him and says have you gone mad? you got married and that too with Twinkle’s sister? i sent you away so that you are away from Twinkle and her problems but what you did? you got married and that too with Twinkle’s sister? i dont accept this marriage, you have to break it now, i was always afraid of you marrying Leela’s daughter, you couldnt marry Twinkle so you married her other daughter? Yuvi pushes her away and says cant you understand that i cant break this marriage? i cant leave Mahi, i know what i am doing, this is my life and i will take its decisions so dont interfere. Kunj comes in, Leela says to him that i am going to Mahi, Twinkle says i will come too, Leela says no, she is not in right frame of mind, give her sometime to relax, dont be sad, she leaves from there, Twinkle cries, Kunj sits beside her and wipes her tears, she looks at him, Kunj says you are not tear queen but Sayappa queen, i am with you, we are one team, we will find solution, Twinkle leans in and hugs him, she cries and says i feel like i have lost, i am trying to be strong but what should i do? my sister believes Yuvi more than me, she thinks i am doing bad for her but why will i do it? everything was going fine but Yuvi camebeack, i dont know what plan he has, Kunj says he can try as much he wants but you will win as you are standing on right path, truth never lose, dont be weak as weakness is strength of your enemy, Twinkle says you are right, i have thought something too. Mahi says to Yuvi that no one is going to believe our love, let runaway from here, Leela comes there and listens, Yuvi says we will not runaway from here, i know Twinkle is angry as i did bad things with her but all will believe our love, you have to support, will you? he extends his hand, she holds it and says i can do anything for you, she hugs him, Leela thinks if Yuvi has changed for real? if he regrets his mistakes? she leaves, Yuvi smirks looking at her. Twinkle says to family that we should make Yuvi get arrested by police, there are many cases against him, RT says what about Mahi? she love shim alot, Leela says she attached to him, she will breakdown, Twinkle says if we dont separate them now then they will grow more closer, RT says maybe Yuvi has changed? Twinkle says Yuvi cant change, Kunj says she is right, he cant change. Mahi comes there and listens, Twinkle says to RT that i care about Mahi too, we have to separate Mahi from Yuvi as soon as possible, Mahi is shocked listening this, Leela sees her there, all are shocked seeing her there, Mahi runs and closes door of room, all ask her to open room, RT says she had done this before too, she tried suicide attempt for small thing earlier too, all are shocked, they ask Mahi to open door, Yuvi says she is my responsibility, i will bring her out, he pushes away Kunj and knocks door, she says Jaan come out, i cant stay without you, Anita thinks what has happened to Yuvi? Kunj, Yuvi and Cherry breaks room, they come in and doesnt find Mahi there, Leela sees open window and says maybe she has left from there, Kunj says i will go out and see, Yuvi sees Mahi’s dupatta under table and says mahi is in this room, i can feel her, he looks beneath table and says dont be afraid, your Yuvi is with you, give me your hand, Leela asks her to come out, mahi says but first they have to promise me to not give you in police, Leela says we promise to not do anything like this but you come out, Mahi asks RT to promise, RT says yes i promise, Leela asks her to come out, Mahi comes out and gives her hand to Yuvi, Twinkle tries to talk to her but Mahi gets afraid, Yuvi hugs her and says its not Mahi’s fault, she only loves me, if you people want me to leave then i will leave but dont separate me from Mahi, i promise till Mahi doesnt pass 20years of age, we will not become closer, after she passes 20years old then we will start our married life, he says i request you people to give me one chance, he starts to leave from there but Mahi asks him to not go, he says relax and leaves from there. Twinkle comes to Yuvi, he is alone, Twinkle says i never doubted your acting, i knew you can too good but remember when you playing kid, i didn believe you, you can try this time too but i wont believe you, Yuvi says atleast try to trust me, Twinkle sys you cant change, you must have got to know from somewhere that Mahi is my sister and you trapped her, Twinkle says to Yuvi that to fight with me, you used my sister, you took advantage of her innocence to make my life hell but this plan of yours is going to backfire on you only, what you think that you can keep Mahi in your control? i will make my sister like me, she will hate you, Yuvi says why Twinkle why? Yuvi looks up and smiles evilly, he says why you know me so well? know my nature so well baby? is this not love? i love you i wont lie to you.
Scene 1 Yuvi says to Twinkle that you remember JP uncle who came here from London, he was with RT when RT had accident. One night he was drunk and told me everything, your dad came here and left Mahi alone in London and trapping Mahi was easy, she wanted attention, love and confidence and i gave her that so that i can use her as weapon against you, my luck is good, Twinkle says my luck is good, i have always won and will win this time too, Yuvi laughs and says you are challenging me? you will lose this time as your weakness is with me now that is your sister, Twinkle leaves from there. Yuvi says that Twinkle why dont you understand that you are mine and you have to become mine but first i will give you so so much pain that you will breakdown, first i will separate you from your loser husband, i will break your marriage then i will separate you from your family, you will be alone and will come to me, you just see baby this is start of animosity. Its morning, Twinkle says i have to keep an eye on Yuvi, i am sure this time he has come with big plan, i have to find that out, she sees Yuvi in parking lot of house, Yuvi looks at RT going on jogging, Yuvi calls someone and gos behind RT, TWinkle says why he is going behind RT? RT is jogging, few goons gathers around him and asks him to give mobile and money, they are robbing him when Yuvi comes and beats them hard, Yuvi ask them to not be seen again, they run, Twinkle comes there too, Yuvi gives RT his wallet, RT thanks him for saving his life, Yuvi says dont thank me, its my duty, Twinkle so this was Yuvi’s plan to win RT’s trust? she says to Yuvi that how can i forget that only you can make this cheap filmy plan, first you sent goons to RT then became hero infront of him, Rt asks what are you saying? Twinkle says i saw him calling someone and he was following you too, Yuvi says i was following him as i wanted to talk to him, Mahi and Leela comes there too, Leela asks whats happening here? Twinkle says this Yuvi sent goons to RT first then saved him, Yuvi says dont put false allegations, he acts like sad, Mahi says to RT that you dont trust Yuvi? but trust me Yuvi cant do this, he is very nice person, Yuvi says its okay one day your family may understand me, Twinke says your drama will not work here, RT says i dont think Yuvi planned this attack on me, Mahi thanks RT, Yuvi leaves from there. Mahi says to Twinkle that let Yuvi live, i plead you, she leaves from there. Kunj calls Twinkle and sees her phone in room only, he says where did she go? Twinkle comes there, Kunj asks where were you? you didnt even take phone, i was worried, Twinkle starts crying, Kunj asks what happened? Twinkle tells him everything about goons attack and Yuvi’s drama, she asks why are you silent? you dont trust me too? Kunj says did i say something? Twinkle says then say that you trust me, you agree with me? my father, my sister doesnt believe me, Kunj cups her face and says i trust you completely, i did mistake earlier by not trusting but now you are not alone, i am with you, they share eyelock, Sajna ve plays, he says how an you speak so much? atleast take a breath, Twinkle smiles, Kunj says you are first person to be laughing on yourself. Mahi comes there, Twinkle says to Kunj that we have to separate Mahi from Yuvi at any cost, Mahi listens this and leaves from there before they could see her, Kunj sys we will do what you are saying but dont get upset, when you get upset i feel so helpless, my brain stops working, i cant bear.. Twinkle looks at him in surprise, he says i mean dont be upset, Sajna ve plays. Mahi comes to Yuvi, she hugs him and cries, she says i am afraid, Twinkle has taken decision to separate you from me, Yuvi says like your father has given me chance, all family members will accept me too, Twinkle can do anything but i will not be separated from you, Anita comes there and says to Mahi that you mist be enjoying after marrying your sister ex-boyfriend? Yuvi says mom.. Anita says to Mahi that your parents can accept this marriage but i will never accept this marriage, i can never accept Leela’s daughter as my daughter in law, Mahi hides behind Yuvi and says i i,.. Anita says you cant even speak properly and trying to become my daughter in law? Yuvi holds her hand and says we have already got married and nobody separate us, i love her alot and she loves me too, we will not leave each other, Anita says its useless to talk to you, you have gone mad, she leaves, Yuvi says to Mahi that it doesnt matter if she doesnt accept, Mahi says it affects me, like yu want my family to accept you, i want your mother to accept, i want her blessings, she hugs him and cries, Yuvi thinks that she is sweet like Twinkle but i have to provoke her against Twinkle, sorry Twinkle i have to do this. Scene 2 Twinkle is working in kitchen. Yuvi comes there and acts like Twinkle telling everyone that Yuvi attacked RT, Yuvi says nobody believed you, you met your sister after so many years and she is married that to with Yuvraj Luthra, he laughs, he says dont be angry, one sister wants to take my life and other sister cant give her life for me, Twinkle angrily looks at him, Yuvi says Mahi hugged me so its that smell, i mean we are husband and wife so we can hug and also.. Twinkle points knife and him and says shut up, dont you dare, Mahi comes there and sees this, Yuvi starts acting and says Twinkle i know you are angry with me but you cant do this, you can scold me, can swear me but dont do this, i dont want Mahi to cry, Twinkle sees Mahi and comes to her, she asks if you want anything? Mahi says i want to cook kheer for aunty, Twinkle says i will help you, Mahi says no its okay, she starts cooking and glass hurts her hand, Yuvi says what are you doing? you will not make anything, lets go, Twinkle comes to Mahi and asks Yuvi to move back, she says i will do bandage, Mahi says i will do it, Yuvi takes Mahi and washes her wound, he looks at Twinkle and says to Mahi that i told you to not do this, Kunj sees all this, he comes to Twinkle and says lets go from here, Twinkle sadly looks at Mahi, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and takes her from there. Yuvi and Mahi comes to Anita, Yuvi says Mahi have made kheer for you, she says i dont wanna eat, he says please atleast taste it, she says okay, he makes her eat it, Anita coughs, she says i have allergy from dry fruits, she deliberately put it, Mahi says i dont know who has put it, Anita says Twinkle knows it, she must have told you and you both made plan to kill me like your mother, Mahi is stunned.
PRECAP- Mahi comes to Twinkle who is with RT, she says to Twinkle that after fulfilling your plan, you have come here to provoke RT? Twnkle says try to understand, we dont want your bad, Mahi says stop it and pushes away Twinkle, RT says you spoilt girl, he is about to slap Mahi but Twinkle holds his hand.source: telenovelasgh.com

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