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Twinkle and Kunj are in car, Kunj sees Twinkle’s short nighty and ask whats this? she takes is from him and ask him to pass bag, he says talk politely, he gives her bag.
Leela comes back to her home, she thinks that home is same but i am not able to enter as i know Twinkle is not waiting inside, she was life of this house, today i have become alone again, she leaves tape recorder on roof car as Usha calls her, Usha comes to her and says i wanna talk something important, Leela ask did anything was less in marriage? Usha says this marriage happened against my will, Twinkle has done many mistakes that i cant unsee them but i will give her one more chance but if she does anything which will hurt my family or my son then i wont wait to send Twinkle back to you, Leela says dont say like this, Twinkle is a kid, she does mistakes, you can scold her like a mother but dont say that you will send her back, i know Twinkle is carefree but she is ver understansding, if you will make her understand then she will always listen to you, i am also here, i will pacify her for things, she has gone to new house, give her sometime to adjust, Usha says i am not typical mother in law who will torture my daughte rin law but Twinkle should understand that she is not child anymore, she has become daughter in law now, she should change herself now, i am giving her one chance cause of you, it will be better if she changes her beahvior, she leaves, Leela thinks i have faith that Twinkle will win heart of everyone, she prays for Twinkle, Leela goes in home and doesnt take tape recorder from roof car, recorder falls on road from car’s roof
Twinkle is sitting in hotel lobby, she thinks that Leela must have listened recording, i have hidden such a big truth from her, dont know if she will be able to forgive me, she calls Leela, Leela takes it, Twinkle thinks she must have listened recording, she says to Leela that i am sorry, i am not a good daughter, you have bear so much because of me, Twinkle says to Leela that i know i have done mistakes, scold me but but talk to me, forgive me for everything, dont get miffed with me, Leela says stop it, forget about past, dont think about all this, you have to think about your new life, Twinkle ask if you have forgiven me? Leela says yes, dont think about past, go and spend time with Kunj, she ends call, Twinkle thinks that i knew it would be difficult for her to forgive me but she has forgiven me, i have hurt her alot but i am happy that she knows everything now.
Twinkle comes in honeymoon suite, she says that cheap Kunj must have decorated this room, i wont let him come near me specially after that night, Twinkle says to herself that i will maintain distance from that Kunj, what if he has muscles, i am Miss. Amritsar too but if he does something then i will call security and will say a monster is teasing me, she goes to freshen up, Kunj comes in room and says her bag is here but where is she? Kunj says i dont know how i will spend whole night with her in a room, i should sleep before she comes here.
Leela comes out and ask driver about tape recorder she placed on roof of car, he says its not here, Leela starts finding it on road, she thinks dont know what Twinkle had recorded in it, i shouldnt have forgiven it.
Kunj comes in room, he doesnt find Twinkle there and says she must be walking in garden, i dont know how i will survive with her, he thinks to sleep after changing, she finds contraceptives in his pockets which Anand gave to him, he switches on Tv, Twinkle comes and finds packet in his hands, she says arent you ashamed, he says its not mine, what were you doing in washroom, Twinkle says i was changing, should i inform you before going? and what kind of songs are you watching, your choice is cheap, Kunj says i was just changing channel, Twinkle says why you were taking off your shirt? you thought that i am alone so you can take advantage of me? Kunj says your thinking is cheap, Twinkle ask him to throw packet away, he says i will not, she takes it and throws it away, room service comes and brings cake for them, Twinkle ask what is this? waiter says happy marriage, Twinkle says my name is Twinkle Taneja then why did you write Twinkle Sarna, write Twinkle Taneja on it, Kunj says no need, she is married to me so she is Twinke Sarna, he gives him tip, waiter leaves, Twinkle says my name is Twinkle Taneja and i wil not change my name, Kunj says you are married and your name is Twinkle Saran, Twinkle says how dare you call me Twinkle Sarna, call em Twinkle Taneja, she takes knife and says i will kill you, he says its better to die then live life with you, Twinkle torns his shirt with knife, Kunj gets angry and ask her to give knife, she says no, Kunj fall on Twinkle, both falls on bed which is covered with rose petals, Roop tera mastana plays, Twinke feels awkward, they get up, Sajna ve plays, Kunj leaves, Twinkle says i was Twinkle Taneja whole life and with just 7 pheras, i became Twinkle Sarna, why girls have to bear all this, this is not equality, i will not change my name, Kunj comes in lobby and says i will not bear her, she is ruling me like dictator, i have to talk to her, people look at Kunj weirdly due to his torn clothes, Kunj sys i will tell her that i am the boss, he comes in room to find Twinkle crying, Kunj thinks i should give her some space, i will talk to her later, he puts do no disturb board and leaves room, a lady comes out of her room and says this hotel’s service is not nice, she takes Twinkle room’s do not disturb board and puts it on her room’s door.
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Kunj thinks that i hope she is fine now, my so called wife, she must have not eaten anything, she will become better after eating, i have promised Leela to take care of her, he doesnt remember room number, he comes and finds board on other room, he goes in wrong room, its all dark inside, Kunj thinks she must have slept, he goes and sit on bed, he call room service, girl says so you came finally, come near me, Kunj is shocked, she hugs him and starts kissing him, girl’s husband comes there and switches on lights, he ask his wife who is he? she says he must have come to rape me, Kunj says i am kid, i am not like this, i came here by mistake, she hugged me so badly, i would have died out of suffocation, girl says i will call cops, Kunj says i got married today only, you can meet my wife, they go to meet
Twinke, guard finds tape recorder on road, he puts it in dustbin.
Kunj brings husband to his room, he rings bell, Twinkle opens door, Kunj ask Twinkle to tell the man that you are my wife, you are Twinkle Sarna, Twinkle says who Twinkle Sarna? i am Twinkle Taneja, kunj says she is joking, he ask Twinkle to tell seriously, Twinkle says i am Twinkle Taneja not Sarna, man says to Kunj that you are shameless person, you tried to hit on my wife and now trapping this innocent girl, i will send you to police station, Twinkle says take him away, Kunj says i didnt do anything, man takes Kunj with him.
Leela says to Raman that i am thinking to call Twinkle, Raman says dont worry about her, Kunj is with her, Leela says you know you have to bring Twinkle for pag phera ritual, inform her to get ready in morning, Raman says i will go and talk to her, Leela says i am missing her.
Twinkle thinks that i didnt do good with Kunj, he has helped me alot, also leela say that we should respect husbands, i should go to free him from cops, she gets Raman’s call, she thinks what if Leela had told him about me and Yuvi, she takes his call, Raman says i will come to take you and Kunj at 8am, be ready, Twinkle says ok, he ends call, Twinkle says i have to go to Leela’s home tomorrow, i have to free Kunj.
In police station, Kunj sys to inspector that i entered wrong room by mistake, i am from reputed family, i will show you my id, he says i dont have id now, policeman says to Kunj that you tried to flirt with girl and now not accepting it, dont lie, Twinkle comes in and says he is not lying, he is my husband, Kunj is miffed and says she is not my wife, Twinkle looks at him tensed.
Twinkle says to inspector that Kunj is my husband, we fought so i denied accepting him as my husband but truth is that i married him today only, inspector ask do you have any proof that he is your husband? Twinkle says i have photos of our marriage, Kunj thinks finally she got some sense, Raman calls Kunj and says i will come to take you and Twinkle at 8am tomorrow, Kunj thinks oh thats why she came here, she wanted to save her skin, he ends call and says she is not my wife, these photos of marriage are fake, yes i flirted with girl, arrest me, Twinkle ask if he has gone mad? inspector says what drama is this? he says you both go and celebrate your marriage night, leave, Kunj says i wont leave, you cant do injustice with girl, i flirted with her so its your duty to put me in lock-up,
inspector says i am asking you to leave, Kunj slaps policeman and says i have raised hand on on-duty officer, arrest me, inspector arrests him, Twinkle thinks that Kunj is doing all this deliberately, she ask inspector to let us leave, we are newly married, inspector says you come tomorrow and free your husband, Twinkle takes gun and says if you dont leave my husband then i will fire at you, inspector arrests Twinkle too, both are put behind jail, Kunj says to Twinkle that i made plan to be away from you but you have snatched my peace, Twinkle says my life is destroyed after marrying you, we are staying in lock-up, how romantic.
Someone takes tape recorder from dustbin.
Kunj is sleeping, Twinkle says Raman will come to take us in morning, what to do, she says to Kunj that how can you sleep so peacefully, do something, Kunj says ket me sleep, Twinkle throws water on him, he gets up and says you threw water on me? Twinkle says no no its raining here, Kunj takes bucket and throws whole bucket on her, Twinkle shouts, they fight with each other, inspector comes and ask why you are fighting like tom and jerry, he says you both leave from this lock-up, you have destroyed peace of police station, the throws them out of police station.source: telenovelasgh.com

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