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Have you been searching for the best way to apply for any visa lottery, or have you applied before and you were not given? Worry no more. In this article we’ll provide you with all the necessary things you need to know to successfully apply for the USA Visa Lottery 2022 and be assured that you will be among those that will be given visas to the United State of America.

We are aware that obtaining USA visas is not easy if you are not properly guided and informed due to its strict rules and policies. Though opportunities are always open for foreigners to enter the country for study, work, or visit purposes. USA being one of the most sorts after destinations for immigrants, made the government to have strict rules and policies concerning its immigration. These rules tend to favour some countries over others. It is observed that some countries have more immigrants in the United States while some have just a little. As a result of this, the government in a bid to give equal opportunities to all nations interms of immigration created a strict policy that favours those countries with little or fewer immigrants in the United States. This policy is known as American Visa Lottery and it has been active for years, and it is being offered every Fiscal Year. The American Visa Lottery allows you to get the America Green Card which can make you an American permanent resident.

Full guide on the USA Visa Lottery 2022 and immigration policies.

American Lottery Visa is officially called Visa Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program). It is one of the many ways in which non-American citizens can become permanent citizens. It is a free program open for all countries to have a chance to live and work in America permanently. This program started after the Immigration Act of 1990. It was observed that most of the immigrants in the U.S have come from a particular group of countries, and to break the trend, the act was established.

The U.S. Department of State gives out up to 50,000 visa lottery or more per year. Qualified applicants are randomly selected from most of the countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. According to report, no country receives more than 7 per cent of the total available visas each year, which allows it to be evenly distributed, especially for the countries with low rates immigrants in the U.S.

Required Documents to Apply for the USA Visa Lottery

• Valid Passport: This will serve as your identity and prove that you are from that particular country with six months validity above the date you intend moving into the United States.

Photographs: Two colored passport-sized photographs which must be identical.

• Appointment Letter: You are to attend the interview with your appointment letter which was sent by National Visa Center.

DS-260 Confirmation Page: This is the form you printed after completing the online registration.

Financial Support Proof: It is a requirement to present your financial history as well as proof of support for any applicant relying on you on the visa.

Supporting Documents: These are original or certified copies of all civil documents like Documentation of Adoption,Court and Prison Records, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificate, Marriage Termination Documentation, Military Records, and Police Certificate upload. This will be needed during the interview and will also be uploaded.

Medical Reports: This must be conducted by an accreditation physician in your country and the report is expected to be sealed in an envelope.

How to Apply for USA Visa Lottery

  • Kindly visit the DV Lottery through the U.S. Department of State’s website which is Please note that the online application portal is always open from early October to early November yearly.
  • Check if you are selected. The State Department usually sends notifications to qualified applicants via the official website between May and September. You will be given a numerical rank to find out that you have been selected for the program. No applicant will receive notification via email.
  • After confirming that you have been selected, Go on and fill form DS-26 online to schedule an interview appointment at the appropriate U.S. Embassy.
  • After filling the form DS-26 online, you’ll be notified to submit scanned Supporting Documents like your Documentation of Adoption,Court and Prison Records, Marriage Certificates, Birth Certificate, Marriage Termination Documentation, Military Records, and Police Certificate.
  • Once they approve your application, you’ll be notified for interview at the nearest American embassy. Please note that you are to print the letter as it will be needed when you visit the Embassy or Consulate for the interview.
  • While preparing for your interview, you are required to pay for the non-refundable Diversity Visa application. The visa fee is $330 or thereabout. It must be paid before the interview date.
  • Kindly proceed to the nearest Embassy or Consulate that the interview is scheduled to hold along with required original supporting documents. If your family is included in the visa, you are to go with everyone involved. During the interview, ink-free and digital fingerprint scans will be taken.
  • After a successful interview, you will need to wait for some days or weeks depending on them to get a notification if your application has been approved or denied. If approved, you will be notified when and how to receive the visa and if otherwise, then you will also receive notification as to the reason why the visa is denied. Please note that the visa has 95% success rate. After receiving the visa, you are now an American permanent resident and you are to move into the U.S before the expiration date stamped on your visa. The validity of the Diversity Visa is usually 6 months.
  • Conclusion: I hope this information was helpful, kindly use the comment box section below and also do not forget to share to your friends and families.

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