How to make money online for free ($3000 Gurrentied)

Thinking of how to start a business with no money? Or how to make money online without spending single penny? If yes, then you are at the right path. At the end of this content, you will be able to make atleast $100 per month. But if you take it seriously, your $3000 is gurrenteed! Today we are going to discuss how to start a business with no money. Number 7 is the easiest!!


What is a Business?

A business is defined as an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities (Investopedia). As we have gotten to know what business is, let take a look at how you can make money online with no money before we begin how to start money without money in general.

How to Start Business with No Money Online?

As I said early, it is very possible to make money and start business with no money as well. There are many ways to start business online without money online. Below are some of the ways you can start business online with no money but you will get paid.

1. YouTube:

YouTube is one of the legit ways to establish business online.  Yes, it is very possible to make money from YouTube without having money started. First of all, you need to visit the official YouTube website or the YouTube app.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

i. Visit YouTube official website or download the YouTube app

ii. Create a unique channel as your YouTube TV

iii. Start creating content on your YouTube page

iv. Look for subscribers and views by sharing your YouTube links

v. Monetize your YouTube channel and start making money online via YouTube

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2. Blogging:

Blogging is known to be one of the best ways to make money online. Blogging is more unless like youtubing but blogging is very simple and easy to monetize. First of all, create a website on blogger and after name your blog. Start posting content unto your blogger website. After you must apply for AdSense to monetize your blog. AdSense will place ads on your blog and when you publish article, they will pay you for the views you make and the clicks as well.

How to Create a Website on Blogger?

 (i) Visit blogger website and after sign up with your Gmail

(ii) Select the name you wish to name your blog but make it unique

(iii) After creating the blog, add pages in your blog. The most important pages you need to add is contact, disclaimer, terms and conditions.

(iv) Start creating your content but make sure that the content is unique and original

(v) Apply for Google AdSense to monetize your blog

(vi) Verify your AdSense and after, add your bank account details to get paid.

3. Freelancer:

With freelancer, you will be showing up your skills on the internet in the forms of Gigs. For instance, if you know how to create a website, you will place a Gig that “I will show you how to create a website for 100 dollars). When someone clicks and makes an order, you will be paid for that amount into your dashboard. This method is just like selling your skills on the internet without paying anything.

4. Survey Work:

With this, you will be answering some small questions to be paid. Some of these questions includes “What is your name” “Where are you from” “How old are you” “Which job do you do” and many more. After you are done answering these petty questions, they will be paying you without you paying anything. This also known to be one of the best ways to earn online.

5. Clipclaps:

This is one of the trending ways people make money online. With this, you will be watching videos to get paid. Every video you will watch, pays you some coins and with the coins you will get it will be paid into your PayPal account or mobile refill account.

These are all simple ways to make money or establish business online without investing any money into it. Now let take a look at some of the ways through which you can make money with no money.

6. Affiliate Marketer:

With this, you will be selling product and get paid. Let say, if Jumia is selling bags and if you sell the bag for them, they will give you part of the money. So, you can simply earn more income with the link giving to you by Jumia or any online store as an affiliate marketer. This is very interesting but make sure you have audience. You can make some cool cash through your twitter, Facebook, YouTube or website. I think you should try it out or make more research on this.

7. Picoworkers (Must Read)

Recently, I started working as a picoworker. With this, you are going to get paid for completing simple tasks. Some of these tasks includes, watching videos, liking post on reddit and many more. You do not require any skill to start this online job. Payment is very fast and they have many payment methods for you to start.


Account creation LINK

How to Start A Business With no Money

 For you to start business with no money, make sure that you understand yourself very well and you should be capable of doing something. Below are some of the basic ways you can start a business with no money.

Businesses To start with no Money at Home

1. Begin what you know of doing best:

With this type of business, you can advertise what you are capable of doing most and after that, you will make people pay you for every service you offer to them. For example, if you know how to draw, you can advertise yourself on your product that you can draw. With this, make sure you draw something that will attract the user most. In my suggestion, I think you should draw a beautiful lady with a nice colour fixed in it. This will drag more people to your blog. But if you are not good in drawing but can curry errands, you can start advertising yourself that you can carry errands at any time. This one will be just like a pick-up job. My dear, I tell you if you become more successful in it, you can open a huge store and name it with the business name you wish to add up.

2. Start teaching kids at home:

If you have skill in teaching, you can start this as a business. With this, you can make a nice flyer of yourself with your contact attached to it and the preferred subject you can teach in that particular teaching aspect. This is a professional job you can start at home free with no money invested. You can charge at any amount you wish but I will advice you to start with very little amount charged so that you will get many customers. If you become successful in-home teaching, I tell you from today that you will be richer than most of the government workers out there. You can even establish your own school when it succeeds more.

3. Dance Teacher:

Nowadays, this generation are very interested in dancing. If you know how to dance, you can put more effort in it and teach others and after get paid through it. Most people have become successful in this business. It is free to start and with this, you can even upload videos of yourself and get paid via YouTube.

4. Translator:

With this, you need to get a client who is requesting for some. You can easily get such kind of job online as well if you can speak two or three multiple languages.

5. Yoga Teacher:

You can start to be a yoga teacher if you have some experience in it. It sounds very interesting right?

6. You can start investment as well:

This is not part of the point but a suggestion or bonus that we have added for you. You can start investment with small capital on you. If it goes on well, you can make millions of monies with it.

7.   Reseller:

You can try your lack in this as well, if you can. With this, let say you have a friend who sell dress but want someone to resell for them to make the business work fast, then you will take some of the dresses and resell it in the name of your price. You can add small amount to the prices and sell and at the same time get paid by the owner. This is business and business are all about knowledge and talking. Have a nice speech with your customers to let them advertise your product for you as well without your concern.

8. Promotion:

This is the easiest among all. You can promote product of some business and get paid by them as you bring customers. You can promote job announcement as well to get paid if you can. Give a try to this it could work for you as well.

9. Music Instructor:

If you have good voice, then you can try in becoming a music instructor. With this, you can advertise yourself on your social media pages to get customers. Make a nice flyer of your business.

How to Start a Business With no Money as a Teenager

It good to ask this question. Do not worry at all because we will find ways and means to help you with how you can start business with no money as a teenager. Below are some of the ways you can earn money as a teenager with no money.

1. Guest Poster:

With quest posting, you will be writing articles and sell it to other blogs. You can make 20 dollars per day for just writing quest post. I dedicated this for teens because it takes time and it at the teen age that you will have lot of time for yourself.

2. Delivery man or woman:

Most companies request for delivery men or women. With this, you will deliver product to that particular companies’ customers. You will be giving motor or car or sometimes you will walk depending on the distance. Some companies like KFC, Jumia food, Alibaba, and others do employ youth in making such business.

3. Assignment:

With this, you will be doing research assignment for your friends and collect some money from it. This is a personal experience I am talking of. I do take money when I do the work for them including the typing and everything. As I said earlier, every business is a business. All what you need is to benefit from it and work harder on it. Don’t do something you suffer doing for free just like that sometimes dear.

4. Blogger:

I recommended blogging in our first topic and I will recommend it for you as a teen. As we know how this world has become, CONVID 19 have mess up things. You can be in your room and be blogging. You will get paid for this when you publish an article unto your blog.

5. Youtubing:

Teens and young adult here, I recommend this for you most because you know a lot when it comes to this. You can upload your daily activity on your YouTube channel and when you get monetized, you will be paid with what you do. Is that not interesting?

6. Graphic Design:

Graphic designing is one of the master piece jobs for a young teenager. You can make nice images with the use of illustrator or photoshop for your editing. You can even sell it both in soft copy and hard copy.

7. Website Designing and Developer:

Yes, it is very possible to earn some cool cash from web developing, developing and website SEO. Over here, you can even create your website and advertise your product on it. Just don’t make your service too expensive when you are about to start. You can be hired by many clients at anytime so you must be having an active Gmail for your service.


I hope these simple steps and knowledge in business will guide you. Please if you have any piece of idea to share with us, kindly send it in the comment section. This will guide you in your business journey as a teenager or whoever you find yourself to be. Please if you need any help, comment and let us help out. Thank you for your understanding.


Never give up on what you are doing from today going. Always remember that life is not easy but you will make it when you have determined. Keep on hustling one day hustle go pay. Thank You.

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