Jhansi Ki Rani Episode 401–403 Update on Monday 30th July 2018


Jhalkari Bai, disguised as Rana Bankura, continues to oppose the British even after being detained by them. Laxmibai and her comrades keep a watch on Nelson, who has detained Jhalkari Bai presuming her to be the queen of Jhansi. Nelson learns about Lord Canning's visit to Jhansi to attend the execution of Laxmibai. The British are elated at their success. Robert Hamilton tells Nelson that they have created history by capturing the queen and they have a reason to celebrate their victory. Laxmibai bides her time. She allows Nelson and his comrades to celebrate their success in capturing the queen of Jhansi. Laxmibai sends a message to Nelson challenging the British official that he would free her before the day broke. Under the cover of darkness, Laxmibai and her comrades launch an attack on Nelson and his soldiers. Laxmibai knocks Nelson unconscious when he comes out to check on Rana Bankura. Laxmibai succeeds in freeing Jhalkari Bai. Will Laxmibai succeed in her plan?
In the previous episode, Laxmibai was successful in rescuing Jhalkari Bai. the daring attack by Laxmibai and her soldiers creates a commotion in the British camp. As soon as Lord Canning arrives he learns that Laxmibai had not only escaped from the cage but also locked Nelson up in the cage. The governor general slaps for his failure. Laxmibai unites Jhalkari Bai with her husband and orders Raghunath to take them to the palace from the secret entrance. The subjects of Jhansi rejoice when Laxmibai arrives with Tatya Tope and Karma. The queen announces that the British have bee trying to break the trust of her subjects in her. She also discloses that she never captured by the British. An angry Lord Canning warns Nelson that he would face dismissal in case he fails to capture Laxmibai. Nelson finds a mangalsutra in the cage. Jhalkari Bai is worried as she fears she must have lost while being in the custody of the British. Nelson learns from an Indian soldier that only married woman are allowed to wear mangalsutra. The soldier looks at the chain and adds that he knows the goldsmith who made the mangalsutra. Rose is astonished to see close resemblance between Jhalkari Bai and Laxmibai. She adds that if Jhalkari Bai dresses as Laxmibai, no one would be able to distinguish between them. Laxmibai learns from Jhalkari Bai about the missing mangalsutra
Jhalkari Bai is gripped with fear after losing her mangalsutra and expresses her worries to LaxmiBai. Nelson meets Rao Dulaju secretly and informs him that he has to meet Balwa, the goldsmith to question him about the woman who resembles the queen of Jhansi. LaxmiBai tells Jhalkari Bai that she would get her and her husband, Puran married in her palace. Nelson in disguise along with Rao Dulaju goes to Balwa's shop to inquire about the mangalsutra. Just then Puran enters the shop and places an order for a mangalsutra. Balwa examines the mangalsutra and tells the men that it belongs to Puran's wife, Jhalkari Bai. The goldsmith adds that the man who came earlier in his shop is Puran. Nelson along with Rao Dulaju searches for Puran and reaches Jhansi market. Nelson sneaks out of the market when Tatya Tope comes to meet Laxmibai. Tatya Tope informs Laxmi Bai that he failed to find the mangalsutra. As soon as he adds that Nelson is on his way to Jhansi, Laxmi Bai orders him to eye an eye on every subject who is in Jhansi. Nelson's comrade entices Puran with a bottle of whisky and asks him to take him and his friend for the wedding at the Jhansi palace. Laxmi Bai tells Tatya Tope that Nelson would come to Jhansi at all costs to fulfill his motive. Will Laxmi Bai foil Nelson's plan?

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