Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Monday 16th April 2018


KG/SS/TG/Motibai/Sunder/Munder all take a pran to kill Marshall. Marshall is in the church and praying to god. The priest offers some thing like a prasad (don't know what it is. Feel free to fill in if any one know what its called) to Marshall, but it falls down from his hand before he puts in his mouth. He goes kind of crazy and runs out of the church. All of KG's sena surround him and KG tells Marshall, she is gonna kill him and that too when he begs for his life in front of the whole village
Other hand the Kaali maa rath yaatra has started. GR prays that at least this time, everything goes well with the Rath Yatra and also he is sure that KG will keep her word and definitely Kill Marshall.
Precap – Marshall at the feet of GR begging for his life and KG telling the king to not forgive him and that she is not going to leave Marshall what ever happens. Suddeny GR points the gun at KG
Here are the acronyms : KG – Kranti Guru, SS – Samar Singh, TG – Tatya guru, GR- Gangadhar Rao
tomorrow might be Marshall's last day, but dont know how, cause the precap is confusing.
Starts of with KG and Marshall face offClap KG shoots at Marshall but just a few inches offLOL and Marshall tells KG that pistol doesn't suit her well. KG throws the gun at Marshall and ask him to shoot but, he throws some dialogue at her and just stares at KG. Mean while KG uses her whip and take the pistol back and says, she gives only one chance to people like Marshall and she wont kill him with a pistol but with an Indian WeaponClap. KG kicks and whips the crap out of MarshallClapThumbs Up. Then KG ask Marshall to run and she has forgiven himLOL. The fool Marshall is starts running and KG tells TG and SS that she will kill Marshall where Prachi was killed, infront of Durga MaaClap
Durga Maa procession is going on the other hand and GR is thinking KG will definitely keep her promise and kill Marshall. GR asks Moropant where Maharani is and its because of her they organized the procession again. GR is doing Durga Maa arti and on the other hand Marshall is running towards the procession to his death bedClap and falls on GR feet begging to save him from KGLOL. KG reaches the place and tells GR, not to forgive Marshall. GR is angry at KG that she did not follow his orders and is going against the rules of Jhansi that too infront of himSilly
Meanwhile Sleemun passes a gun to GR to stop KG adn GR takes the gun and aims at KGShocked. Sleemun and Marshall are encouraging GR to kill KG. Marshall snatches the gun from GR and points at KG and starts laughing and telling her that its she who is going to die and pulls the trigger but GR kicks the gun from his hand. GR tells Marshall now your going to get punished. Sleemun wants to punish Marshall (yaa rightLOL)him but GR shuts his mouth. Marshall runs away again before the soldiers catch him with KG and her soldiers following him. GR thinks in mind, KG your very intelligent and I really hope you kill Marshall. GR tells Sleeumun, if you want to save Marshall come with me and they both walk off. (Must say GR is getting intelligent tooLOL)
Marshall is now infront of the Durgaa Maa and KG and her sena start attacking him with there swords. Finally KG hits Marshall's head on Durga Maa Rath and the Trishul from the goddess hands falls on Marshall killing himClap.
Precap: JKR in her KG avatar is putting Prachi's astiyaa in water and she takes a dip in the water. When she comes out, baamm GR is in front of herEmbarrassed
Acronymns used: SS-Samar Singh, KG-Kranti Guru, TG-Tatya Guru, GR-Gangadhar Rao
Loved the episode today…must watchClap and awesome performances from everyoneClap
Starts of with KG killing MarshallClap. All the crowd and priests consider her as Durga Maa and the priests pour Milk on KG and do her AbhishekThumbs Up. Meanwhile GR, Sleemun and the soldiers are approaching the place. KG's veil comes off and everyone realises in JKR who is KG and they are all proud of her. GR reaches the place and rest of KG's sena escapes and GR see KG's Milk Abhishek being doneThumbs Up. He still doesn't see her face though. KG gets up and starts walking in daze towards a pond and she remembers all of her moments with Prachi Cry with GR following her. JKR leaves her sword which GR realizes is Laxmi bai's sword (tube lightLOL). JKR goes and picks up the ashes and does the visarjan of asthiya and by this time GR is totally confused and dening the fact that JKR could be KGWink . JKR takes a dip in the water and comes out to find GR staring at her in disbeliefLOL.
JKR and GR remebering all there moments together as GR-KG / GR-JKR and finally GR comes to the conclusion that it was his Maharani who has been doing all this as KGROFL. Sleemun asking the crowd who is KG? Tell him or he will beat them all. All the crowd come forward telling they are KG. Sleemun is mad with the crowdLOL.
GR is still in shock over the revelation of his queens antics and braveryWink. JKR finally speaks and says she did all of this for Jhansi's betterment only,but GR tells her…no shouts at her that he does'nt want to listen anything she says. GR tells JKR he wants to speak to his Maharani and not KG (what a baby he isLOL) and walks off.
Precap: Sleemun gives an ultimatum to GR that he has to send KG dead or alive along with Marshall's body if he wants to keep his throneOuchShocked. JKR is in trouble cause GR looked really madOuch
GR in his kaksh thinking sbt KG and JKR and is boiling with anger. GR's antartma comes out and tells GR that he is not able to digest the fact that his queen who is a WOMEN did everything which he could not do and he is jealous of her. GR yells saying no its not that way. After some argument btw the antartma and GR, GR agrees that all teh praja is doing jai jai kaar of KG and not him who is the kingLOL. Just then, someone comes and tells Sleemun is waiting for him adn GR walks of angrily.
JKR is thinking abt prachi and GR. She thinks GR will definately forgive her (she does not know how jealous GR is by nowLOL of JKR aka KG) Sleemun gives and ultimatum to GR that he has to send KG dead or alive along with Marshall's body or he loses his throne (serves him rightLOL).
JKR sends Sunder to tell GR that she wants to meet him. GR comes to meet JKR all high and mightyLOL. He starts yelling at JKR that she did not trust her husband to do the right thing and she did not act like a queen. Then he tells her she does not need to involve in anythings in Jhansi and he si there to take care of everything. He further adds that she is here just to give birth to childrenOuchAngry . JKR is in tears by nowCry. JKR tells GR, she wont be able to take such a decision casue one is her dharm and the other is her karm. But GR tells her, no she has to decide and he knows very well to cut a branch of a tree if its infected and it wont take time for him to do that in her casae as well. Angry JKR falls at GR feet and cries but GR tells her she need to decide if she wants to remain as the queen or KGOuchAngry and walks offAngry. Suddenly JKR is crying out in pain.
Precap-Aishree telling that JKR is ready to give GR his heirAngry and JKR is shocked.
GR behaved like a typical egoistic jealous husband and hated GR in the whole episdoe the way he spoke to JKR Angry.source: telenovelasgh.com

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