Jhansi Ki Rani Update on Wednesday 15th March 2018

Pandit's House:
Show starts with Jigna feeling her hand as she can not believe Queen touch her. Her father (Devram) tells pandit since Queen has arrived this girl has take a stand not to eat any food or drink water until she sees the Queen. Pandit says this is familiy matter, for some reason you have been away from Maharaja. Devram tells him not to start that conversation and he gives him Jigna's Janam Patri (horoscope) and ask him to tell what is in her future. MB arrives…Jigna and her father take a leave. Devram says oh, I forgot to pay Panditji. Jigna says, I will go and pay him.
Moti gives a bag full of gold coin to Panditji. Pandit says anyone can act on your Natak I will explain them. MB says No, only you can do this. In the play there is a marriage of Dilmati and NUL but in reality, this is marraige of her and King , you will read the true mantra and complete this marriage with all rituals and custom so even Tatya Panditji can not nullified/void this marriage. Jigna hears it, she is shock and leaves …
Jigna says how can she wed the king while maharaja is getting marry with the queen and she says she must see Maharani at once and tell her about this. But wonders how she can go to the mahel. Suddenly she sees a boy coming with Basket full of murti's to sell.
In the King's Mahel:
MB comes and greets King. Tatya Pandit does not look happy to sees her. MB tells I know you all must be wondering about the play so I thought to give us some brief introduction about the play. She continues, as you all know Dilmati was very beautiful woman, not only mens but even Gods were mesmerized with her beauty and wanted to have her. But Dilmati has given her heart to King NUL.. Mugal Khan breaks the silence and says wow the story is interesting and even gods are FIDA over her…..
In Mannu's palace:
Parachi and Indu comes to mannu's room. Mannu ask if they find any information about the syambur…Indu says there is a NATAK of NUL and Dilmati. Mannu says there is s secret behind this NATAK otherwise MB will not insist us to come and watch the play. All trio sister are sad. Mannu says there is something else behind this NATAK and she must find it.
Outside the Mannu's Mahel, Jigna comes in (dressed as boy) selling murtis and shouts Buy murtis but Guard stops her. Jigna says some one from the Mahel has ordered the murti but guard rebukes her. Jigna is sad and she sees Moropant and Tatya Guru coming, she says Malik these guards are not letting me go inside. Moropant ask why do you want to go inside. Jigna says, I have brought these murtis for the Queen. Moropant ask Guard to take the basket full of murti to Mannu. Jigna says she will take it but Moropant denies her and says we have accept the murtis. Jigna is heart broken she tries to run behind Moropant but Guard tells her to go away.
Moropant enters the mahel and mannu comes running, Moropant ask her what is the matter. Mannu ask him to tell her the story of NUL & Dilmati.
Moropant says why you are curious to know.
Mannu says just like that.
Moropnat says it is the story of awesome love. No lady have give this hard test to get their love.
Then we see MB continuing the story to King and his cabinets..
When God finds out that Dilmati is in Love with NUL so they conspire against them and placed coals in their path (we see flashback of MB walking in coal) Mugal khan says wonderful but tells us how did NUL came to know about Dilmati. MB says this is the most interesting part of the story.
we see Moropant telling mannu when Gods came to know about Dilmati and Nul's syambur god conspire against them. There Dilmati was standing with BURMALA In her hand and was shocked to see 9 look alike of King NUL. In the Palace, Everyone were eager to see how Dilmati will recognize the Real King NULs.
In the Mahel:
King says how will you get 9 look alike of King Nul. MB says to solve this puzzle I have order 8 mirrors and I have one who can portrait the role of King NUL. Mugal Khan tells MB I have heard of your beauty but now I have seen your ZIYANAT (not sure what it means).. King says I am happy with your presentation. MB comes to king and he gifts her HIS RING. Prime minister and tatya pandit are not happy seeing this. MB request King to accpet her gift as that will be her biggest prize and ask him to play the role of king NUL. Mugal Khan comes to the front and tells MB you stole the word out of my mouth and ask king not to deny. All the people say, please do the role Tatya pandit is not happy. Kings says if you all insist then I will play the role. MB is happy while Prime Minster and tatya pandit are dismay.
In Mannu's Mahel:
Moropant says DiImati recognized the real King Nul and she puts Burmala on King and Dilmati gets married to the King NUL. Mannu wonders what does MB want to achieve thru this NATAK. The Evil Trio comes and greet mannu and Moropant and tells them that King has arranged a dance festivity in honor of Queen and MB will be presenting a play. Sakku bai says we will prepare the Queen by our own hand.
Jigna is still outside Mannu's Mahel and sees the people preparing for the play. Jigna ask one of the guy, he say king is arranging dance festivity in honor of queen. Jigna follows the guys carrying instument and goes inside the mahel and she is trying to see where she can meet the queen.
King comes to the perfomance hall along with cabinets member, Moropant, Nana Bhau, Tayta Guru, evil trio, mannu and her gang. Kings looks mannu lovingly and she greets him (love their music)..Suddenly light goes off and MB comes to the King and does her aarti while others don't like it (mannu and tatya guru)
Part 4:
MB comes to the King and does her aarti while others don't like it (mannu and tatya guru)
MB goes to the stage and perform her dance. King gets carried away seeing MB dancing…all of his cabinets mbrs lowers their head in disbelief while Tayta guru is MAD. MB comes to King's seat and start dancing around him. Fraser enters the hall is sees MB dancing..
Mannu and her sisters are mad seeing MB using her tricks to mesmerized the king while moropant and tatya guru shake their head.
We see Jigna coming into the hall but guard stops her. MB is dancing in full swings and she comes and fall on Mannu's lap and tells her that I love him very much and falls unconcisous. while King looks worried seeing MB falling unconcious. Show ends on Mannu's worried face.
Precap: Lajju (with fraser gun) says she will kill the king but don't forget your promise. Fraser says Trust me after that Alibahadur will be King. Lajju shots King Ganga DHar….
British Commisionary:
Show Start with in British Commisonary where Fraser is filling his gun with gun powder and tells Lajju MB is not trusted woman. She is madly in love with King. What ever you want can be at the throne of Jhansi and throws the gun at her and tells her to Kill Ganga Dhar in the middle of play. Lajju catches the gun and smiles at Fraser and tells him that she will kill Ganga dhar Roa but not forget your promise. Fraser says he will help Ali Bahadur.
Lajju says Ganga Dhar, King says vahini sahib, aap and she shots him. King Falls on the ground. Lajju and fraser laugh their heart out. (She is day dreaming)
Mannu's Palace:
Mannu is taking care of unconscious MB. Indu and Parachi are not happy. MB comes to hos (conscious) and says AAp'Mannu stops her from getting up. MB zameer (good one) comes to her and says she is so little but has a very big heart but you are becoming lesser and lesser. MB gets up from the bed. MB says how come I am here. Parachi tells her she fall down after dancing, Mannu didi brought you here and has been taking care of you. MB thanks her. Indu tells MB perhaps you do not know our Mannu as she has a big heart even if it was her enemies in your place she should have taken care of them. MB feels guilty and she ask forgiveness for troubling her and says during the performance she forget everything.
Mannu tells her that she is surprised by seeing her dancing but she is on wrong path. MB's bad zameer comes and stops her saying Manikarnika is very clever but focus on your Syambur if not Ganga will go away from your hand. MB is confused. Mannu tells her not to think too much and take rest. MB says tomorrow is my swyambur, three sisters are shocked. MB catches what she is saying and says Tomorrow she has to perform on Natak and leaves but stops on the way and tells mannu to come as she has promised her. All three sister do not know what to say but mannu smiles at MB..
Jigna (dressed as boy) is still searching for the queen and she collides with MB in the hall and Jigna remembers MB paying pandit. MB says can't you see and ask who he is. Jigna says she came with the performer. MB ask her to go where others are. Jigna acts like she is leaving as soon as MB leaves she come back and wonders how she will reach to the queen .
Mannu's Room:
Indu didi ask why is she taking care of MB when everything are happening infront of her eyes. Mannu tells Indu didi how can I forget my SansKar (upbringing) due to her action and say but I can not understand why she is referring Natak as her swaymbur. Parachi is playing with some round thing (like marble). Mannu comes and put all of the marble 9 together in a line and infront of them she puts last marble at the front referring it to Dilmati. MB says she do not understand what does MB want out of this NATAK.
Pandit House:
MB is telling Pandit as Natak Finish..You will tell Natak what Natak'all the mantra and sloak I just read are true and you will say this marriage has complete and Now you both are husband and wife. Pandit is shocked (he looks like he does not believe what he just heard)
Mannu's Mahel:
Moropant comes and sees the door of store room is open and tells servant how many times I have told you guys to close the door and ask the servant to lock the door'.Jigna was hiding behind among the bags of grain and she worries how she will reach the queen since the door is locked and now MB will be successful in her mission.
Kings Palace:
King is mad at Fraser for coming to the celebration as it was personal and leaving before it ended. Fraser say sorry my king, actually I came to give you important news about Sumer Singh seeing you so involved in the dance I did not find it nice to disturb you so I left (liar wanted to smack him) King ask if he had capture Sumer Singh then. Fraser says not yet. King gives him 2 day to capture SS. Fraser says before your wedding celebration Sumer Singh will be at your feet. King says if you do this, then I will think of it as my wedding gift from you. If it does not happen then you know what kind of difficulty will surround you. Fraser has worried look.
Lajju is inspecting the Bows and arrows. Ali Bahardur comes and ask mom what are you doing. Lajju says whatever I am doing I am doing this for you. Lajju says during Natak MB will put Burmala on him but I will put Coffin on him. Ali is shocked hearing this. Lajju tells her not to worry as Fraser is on their side. Lajju leaves with fine Bow and arrow' one of the servant knocks the back door and tells come out as they have left and we See Sumer Singh. Guard ask if Sumer Singh if he liked the talwar. SS pays the guy and ask what did they say about Fraser. The guy says he did not hear properly as he was busy. SS says he must find out what they talk about fraser.
In Kings Mahel:
Fraser comes and says I have done the impossible. All of kings cabinet members are anxious and somewhat worried. Then we see someone tied and being dragged outside the Mahel. Fraser says I have brought your wedding Gift.
In Mannu's room:
Tatya Guru comes and tells Mannu that Fraser has captured Sumer Singh. Mannu can not believe what she just heard. Mannu remembers Sumer Singh promise and says due to me he handed himself to Fraser and made bandini of himself.
Kings Palace:
Guard brings the chained man into the king's room and is revealed as Sumer Singh. King is mad at seeing Sumer Singh. The show ends of 3 split of Mannu, Sumer Singh and King
Pre-cap:Mannu sees Sumer Singh being taken away. Fraser is hitting Sumer Singh and wanted to know who helped him to escape. Then we see determined Mannu saying she will help himsource: telenovelasgh.com

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