Kuch Rang Episode 307–308 Update on Thursday 1st November 2018

Dev sitting in his old house drinks alcohol reminiscing fighting with Sona and thinks why her presence troubles him. Sona reaches there and sees Dev’s bike outside house. She sees Khatri near door and signaling at door bell. She goes near him and he asks what is she doing here, why she is bothered about Ishwari and Dev. Sona says as a humanity and past goodness, she will not let him harm Ishwari’s family. Khatri tells he used to grab money from Ishwari telling he will not tell her truth to Dev and will grab money from Dev telling he will not tell his mother’s truth to the world. Sona says she will not let him play his dirty trick. He says he has proof against Ishwari and shows CD. He warns Sona to bring Ishwari in front of him in 24 hours, else he will show this CD to everyone.
Sona agrees. Sona turns and sees Dev standing. Dev strangulates Khatri reminiscing him troubling Ishwari. Sona shouts to leave Khatri. Dev continues strangulating Khatri saying he will finish him and reminisces promising Ishwari to spare Khatri, says he will break promise. Sona pushes him aside and asks him to believe her and tells whole story how she saw Khatri outside house, meeting him, rest of the incident and finally says Khatri has aunty ji’s secret and wants to expose it. Jatin brings police and gets Khatri arrested. Sona asks inspector to make sure Dixit family’s name is not out. Jatin asks Sona if she is fine, returns her mobile and tells he feels she should be with Dev and leaves. Vicky and Elena see Golu and Soha sound asleep on swinger and table. Vicky gets romantic. Elena says they may get up and pushes him aside. Vicky gets disappointed. Soha wakes up calling papa and says she wants to meet papa right now. Elena says papa is not yet home and he told her to make Soha sleep. Soha insists. Elena handles her. Dev asks Sona why did she protect his family. He troubled her so much and broke her heart repeatedly, but she was on his side always and protected him and his family. She says his family is her family, then says they are all her dear ones. Dev expresses his love for her and hugs her. GKB watches them hiding and fumes in jealousy. Precap: GKB tells Vicky that she saw Dev and Sona hugging, looks like their plan will fail. Elena calls Sona and asks if she is with Dev. Sona says yes. Elena asks if she patched up with Dev. Dev hugs Sona. Sona says let us go home, Soha must be waiting, she is not habituated to be away from him, even she is. GKB returns home shocked. Vicky stops her and asks what happened, why she is so shocked. GKB shouts shut up, whatever she saw if he had seen it, he would have also be in a shock. Dev and Sona were hugging each other and looks like Dev will bring Sona back home as wife. If that happens, they will be out of this house and all their plan will be in vain. Elena calls Sona and asks if she is with Dev. Sona says yes. Elena asks when are they coming back as Soha is waiting for them. Sona says they are leaving. Elena asks if she and Dev fought. Sona says Elena…she will come and talk. Soha sadly sits on stairs. Golu comes and pulls her hair. She warns
to stop it. He asks why is she so sad. Soha says papa promised he will be with her, but he went out and even mama went out. Golu says when big cha goes out after getting sad, he returns only after 1 week. Soha says papa will return today soon. Dev and Sona reach home. Dev says he cannot face her. Sona says auntyji is not at home. He says he means Suhana, her heart is so pure, he does not have courage to face her. She considers him as world’s best papa, but he is not. Sona asks him to stop thinking much and takes him in. Soha sees Dev and gets happy. She then tells him to go and rest as he looks tired. Elena reminds her of her plan. Soha says papa is tired and let him sleep. Dev leaves. Golu calls him, but he does not listen and leaves. Golu gets sad. Sona asks what is her plan. Soha says she came to know today is mama and papa’s wedding anniversary day, so she prepared cake for them. Sona says she is blessed to have her in her life, will call Dev. Soha says let it be. Sona when she can do so much for them, why can’t they do a little bit for her. Soha says okay, call papa and change ur dress also. Sona leaves. GKB and Vicky stand fuming. Dev reaches his room and reminisces his childhood where his mother is humiliated repeatedly and he getting angry and asking why don’t she connfront. Ishwari asks him to study well and become so rich that he can confront whole world. Ronita’s mother calls her and starts brainwashing her against Asha and suggests to try and get Sona out of house soon. Ronita warns to stop poisoning her mind and disconnects call. Sourav hears everything standing near door, enters in and happily hugs her and says he did good deed in last life that he got her as wife. Sona walks into Dev’s room and sees him emotionally talking to Ishwari’s photo that he always troubled her and since 7 years, he troubled her more, how he can regain her trust. Sona consoles him and says he is just like Ishwari, he is a good son and a good person. Dev cries that he lost his mother’s trust and don’t know how to regain it. She continues consoling her and says he has to go in front of Soha again. Dev says he cannot face Soha as he does not want to disappoint her. Sona says he is a good father and she trusts him. She continues that Soha knows about their wedding anniversary and arranged a surprise for them, so he has to go. They both walk in front of Soha. Sona recites a poem for her papa and showing greeting car wishes happy anniversary mamma papa. Dev and Sona hug her emotionally. Vicky and GKB stand fuming silently. Precap: Dev tells Sona whatever happened today, he is very happy, looks like they did not separate at all. Sona says they both are here and things will move on. He says it will take time, but things will set right.

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