Kuch Rang Episode 309 Update on Friday 2nd November 2018

Soha asks Dev if he like her surprise. He says yes. She says let us cut cake then. Dev and Sona cut cake. Sona smears cake on Dev. Dev runs behind her calling Ms. Khargosh. GKB fume and tells Vicky in her broken English and irritating accent that they were romancing in farm house and now running around. Vicky says he did not think bengalan wants to reenter this house. GKB yells if they reunite, we will be out of this house. Sourav keeps his mobile and goes to washroom. His phone beeps. Ronita says he got a message and reads it from a girl “hi handsome, they are meeting right.” She shatters reading it. Sourav comes out of washroom and takes phone. He reads message nervously. Ronita asks what happened. He says nothing important. He gets a call and goes aside saying
client’s call. Dev and Sona sit outside house and chat. Dev says Suhana was acting so mature, he liked it a lot. He thanks Sona for bringing up Soha so mature. He says the way they were running behind each other, he felt they did not separate at all. She says one day they will. He tries to hug her, but stops. She says they both are same. He says he is not, he is very bad and always troubled her. She consoles him and cheers up. They both walk to their room. GKB tells Vicky that badi mirchi/Sona must have taught choti mirchi Soha, that is why she is trying get into Dev’s good books so that she and her mother can come and stay here. She yells they will get both mirchis out of this house. He dirty plannig continues. Dev sleeps on his bed and reminisces Sona getting Khatri arrested and telling how Khatri was troubling Ishwaria unty ji and whole story. Sona also reminisces same. In the morning, Dev sits feeling guilty that he is rich because his mother stole another family’s money. Vicky enters and shouts why did he buy loss making company’s shares. Dev says it is his company and he can do anything, Vicky does not have any right to ask him. Vicky sees Sona standing near door and leaves fuming. Sona enters and Dev says whatever he is because his mother ruined a family, he wants to meet that family and apologize for his mom’s mistake. Sona consoles him and asks not to feel guilty. He says maa stole to make is dreams come true and he is feeling very guilty. Sona holds his hands and consoles him. GKB stands near door and fumes watching it. Sona leaves. GKB tries to speak to Dev. He says where is Vicky, he should not have scolded him and silently leaves. GKB fumes that he is using her trick to escape. Dev calls someone and tells a man called Khatri was arrested from his farm house, he wants to meet him. Precap: GKB yells at Sona she does not need to worry about Dev, what happened to him and what is she hiding. Sona says actually aunty…

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