Kuch Rang Episode 53–54 Update on Tuesday 8th May 2018

Nikki asks Sona to stay back tonight as NG (Natasha Gujral) is coming with family for dinner. Ishwari also insists and says she is getting food of her choice prepared via cook. Sona says she is not feeling well. Ishwari comes near her and says she is really looking pale and can go home and rest today. Sona leaves for home. Dev calls Ishwari and says NG is coming around 8 p.m. She says he called and informed her many times and says Sona went home as she was not feeling well. Radha yells that Sona gave lame excuse and left early. Ishwari says Sona was really sick and was not acting. Elena comes from college and Saurabh taunts if she found any boyfriend. She says no, all her college mates are not that handsome and says Sona is lucky to have Dev. Saurabh says she is talking as if Sona is marrying Dev tomorrow. Family then leaves to watch movie. Ranbeer walks with Neha after shopping. Neha says she can hold her bags and asks him to give them. He says it is okay. She says she cannot marry him. He says if they can be at least friends. She says okay and asks if he will not ask why she said no. He says no use of it and says she has to stop auto as he cannot wave hand. Sona reaches home, calls mom and asks when are they coming back. Mom says they are going to watch movie and asks if she is fine, if they should return home. Sona says she is feeling just dehydrated and will be fine, they can watch movie. Elena says Saurabh is giving them treat after movie. Sona says she will take treat some other day. She goes to close door and sees Dev standing in front of her. She asks why. He says mom told she is unwell, so he came to meet her, asks if he can come in or she will get chair here. She greets him in. Ishwari takes care of arragments alone. Gujral comes with Natasha. Radha greets them in and starts her jokergiri. Gujral looks at her. She says she Radha rani, Dev’s aunt. She then introduces her husband and Vicky. Vicky weirdly looks at NG. Radha asks him to greet Gujral. Gajral praises house arrangement. Radha says she arranged house. They sit for dinner. Radha says she prepared dinner. Ria and Nikki smirk. NG asks where is Dev. Sona says he must be coming. Sona serves coffee to Dev and asks how is it. He says not bad. Their conversation continues. Mischievous children lock door from outside. Dev says he will leave now and tries to open door, but it does not. He says someone locked door from outside and asks when is her family coming. She says they may come late and he can break window and open door. She walks to bring Saurabh’s bat when Dev holds her hand and says breaking is easy but building something takes years. He gets conscious and leaves her hand. A romantic song plays in the background. Sona says Dev that she will bring bat to break window glass and open it. Dev holds her hand and says breaking things takes seconds but building things takes ages. He says he will wait until her family returns. Gujral and Natasha Gujral (NG) enjoy dinner with Ishwari and family. Ishwari asks Kichu to serve mashrooms. Gujral says he tasted food all over the world, but her food is very tasty. Radha says she also helped jiji. Mama jokes that she helped in becoming fool. Radha gets nerous. Gujral asks mama what he does. Mama says he is retired. Radha says he was a big officer. Mama says he was a clerk. Gujral praises Ishwari’s family that they are simple and honest people, so Dev is honest. Radha asks where is Dev. Mama calls Dev, but his phone is wtiched off. Ishwari says she does not know where he is stuck. Gujral hears their conversation. Dev and Sona’s romantic nok jhok continues. He asks her why she calls him Mr. Obodro and what it means. She says well mannered, mature, etc. He says he knows meaning, it is arrogant and asks why she thinks he is arrogant. She stands silently. He asks if she still thinks he is arrogant. She says no. He takes out phone to inform Gujral, but sees it off. He asks Sona to give charger. NGsees Dev’s house and tells Ria and Nikki their house is very beautiful. Dev calls on Gujral’s mobile. NG picks call and Dev apologizes and says he is stuck in work and will come late. She says he can take his own time, she is getting to know his family by then. Dev tells Sona that NG is very classy and down to earth even after being one of world’s top 10 businesswoman. Sona gets jealous but nods yes. NG says Ria that she saw her in Dev’s office. Ria says yes, asks her not to identify her in Dev’s office as Dev wants her to learn business and manage people from grass root level. NG praises her sportive nature and also praises Ishwari for letting her work and not doing gender biasing. Ria says Neha is also like their mother and is very supportive like mom. Dev asks Sona if she is hungry. She says Saurabh will bring something. Dev says even he is hungry and asks if she has bread at home. She takes him to kitchen. He prepares sandwitch and they both enjoy…Saurabh enters. She stuffs sandwitch in his mouth and says Dev made it. Dev reaches home and apologizes NG and Gujral. Gujral says it is good he came late, they came to his family well. Kichu brings sweets. NG serves it and seeing Dev’s facial expression says aunty must have made it as he is enjoying it. Radha praises NG that she is understanding Dev well. Sona’s family’s jokergiri starts. Elena takes Sona to room and asks how was her date with Dev. Sona says he came to see her as an employer. Elena asks if he goes to each employee’s house like this and asks what did they speak about. She says nothing and says Dev came to know meaning of Obodro and they should be careful. Elena continues pestering and asks what they talked about. Saurabh enters and says Dev prepares tasty sandwitches. Elena continues taunting Sona. Precap: Gujral tells Ishwari that Natasha is his single legal heir and wants her to marry Dev. Ishwari is surprised to hear that.

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