Kundali Bhagya Episode 92 Update on Sunday 15th April 2018

Prithvi and Sherlin were carrying the body on their arms, when they hear a lady speaking on phone. They hide the body under the table. The lady asks Prithvi if he is looking for the way out and instructs him. Her phone fell down, Sherlin comes to pick it up before her and says Sarla was looking for her. The lady hurries, while they take Janki’s body.
Sameer leaves Shrishti’s hand in the corridor. Shrishti asks why he had been staring at her when she was hiding. She regrets saying what she shouldn’t have. Sameer asks why she was upset with him today. Shrishti tells him she is really busy today and is not ready to speak to him today; if he still intend to continue talking to her she is helpless in the matter. Sarla stood behind Shrishti, she reminds Shrishti about asking her already if she loved Sameer but she had denied. Now she alone would take the decision. Both were afraid of her tone. Preeta comes to there and asks about Janki.
In the store room, Sherlin laughs evily, as she burns a nearby grain bag with a lighter.
Preeta was looking for Janki in the hall. Dadi notices her nervousness, and asks her. Sarla comes there and says she had scolded Janki and must be somewhere in the corner. Preeta says Janki isn’t anywhere. Sarla explains to Bee ji why she scolded Janki, then tells Preeta to go and check in kitchen with Kappu. She herself goes home worried for Janki now.
Karan was angry over Sameer for being Preeta’s side. Sameer tells him that Karan appears to be jealous of Prithvi and Preeta.
Sherlin and Prithvi were together when Kareena comes from behind. Prithvi leaves. Kareena questions Sherlin what she was doing with Prithvi. Sherlin warns someone had to pay a huge cost of this same question, just a while ago; then laughs as it was a joke. She says she was only inspecting Prithvi’s abilities, he isn’t as good as Rishab and Kareena doesn’t need to be jealous of Preeta anymore. Kareena was disgusted at Preeta’s name. She warns Sherlin to be extra smart with her. Sherlin says never with Kareena; but its better Kareena can’t read some part of her mind, it makes the story interesting and leaves. Kareena was thoughtful about the last words.
Karan stops Preeta on the way. Preeta wasn’t ready to listen. Karan says he wants to apologize. Preeta was shocked, then accepts the apology. She was in a hurry and says mistakes aren’t forgotten so easily and goes to look for Janki. Karan asks why she is showing such attitude. Preeta says she doesn’t want to give him importance, she can give it to Prithvi. They argue about talking bitter to each other. Karan holds her by arms. Both share an eye lock.
PRECAP: Rishab and Karan discuss why Preeta selected Prithvi for marriage. She could have gotten anyone easily. Later in the hall, the waiters come to inform there is fire in the kitchen. Rishab was worried, Karan asks about Preeta.source: telenovelasgh.com

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