Madhubala Episode 341–342 Update on Friday 2nd November 2018

Part 1 Madhu dictates Bittu the matter for press release ..! She says… RK and Madhu are separating and that they want divorce from each other so request the media not to not ask any more question in this regard ..! She says if Bittus work is done. .he can leave! Bittu says his work is done and hers is too! Bittu says.. she has taken the right decision.. ! This is what should have happened with RK… whatever is happening to him is the result of his own deeds..! Bittu says.. he has hurt everyone..! No one can live with RK..its good she is leaving him..! He says ..RK is very selfish he does not care for others feelings … everyone loves him but he doesnt love anyone! Bittu says.. he has given 6 years to RK and .. knows what he wants.. he cares and loves only one person.. Rishabh Kundra.. and no one else..! Even if the world is on fire.. and if a simple thorn pricks him, RK will talk of shaking up the whole world.! Bittu says.. on the day of shoot out.. the trigger should have been pressed by Sultan..so RK would have been shot..! Madhu slaps him and says. .dare not say anything like this ever again..! She says.. RK will live ..a long life..! Bittu asks Madhu why she wants to leave him? She cant hear about RKs death n is leaving RK to die without her?
picture1 Bittu says..she is under some pressure..what is it..?? He begs her not to leave RK..! He says.. can give my life…and requests Madhu…not to take RKs life and go..! Madhu says. .some things are between hubby and wife.. better outsiders dun talk..! She asks Bittu to leave..! He leaves.. Madhu cries.. and says sorry. Bittu ji… din wanna hurt .. but and looks at the divorce papers and cries..!
picture2 Radha comes in Madhus room and sees her luggage packed..! She wonders why Madhu is packing? And where is she? Radha asks Dips and says Madhu is packing..! Dips smirks that.. ishq ne tumhe kaam ka bana diya..Sultan…warna.. tum to bade aam se don the..! Sikky asks Sultan is alive? She was thanking him? Dips says.. his ears are ringing..! Dips asks Sikky to rather switch on the tv..! She thanks God for giving her a hubby like Sikky ..else she did been behind bars by now..!
picture3 Dips watches the news.. where reporter says.. that Rishbala are separating..! Dips smirks that Sultan is God.. he din take one month to break the bond which was formed in one year..! Radha does not believe it..! RK arrives back and Radha asks him what nonsense is this divorce news?? RK is quiet and walks off.. ! Bittu asks RK to calm down..and he says am calm..! He sees the divorce papers lying on the bed and Bittu says calling Madhu and he says no need..!
picture4 Madhu tells Trish on phone no need to come leaving shoot..midway..just came to meet only..! She walks in front of RKs new movies poster… which has the heading. .Doori..! She cries seeing RKs poster.. ! She recollects screaming am your big fan and i love u..! Madhu reaches out to RK in the poster and the lights go off..! She turns and sees Sultan standing and he says..this will happen.. everytime she tries to reach out to RK .. he will be lost in such darkness..! Sultan says he is in good mood so dun wanna spoil anyones mood..! He says.. good job .. she is in every news report.. and paper..! Sultan sees Madhu looking around and says.. still last hope left? That someone will see Sultan? He says no need.. coz.. she will try to bring Sultan before the world..but he will send her hubby out of the world. ! Not hubby ..ex hubby! Madhu says wont do anything! She asks why is he here? He says divorce papers.. Madhu says at home..! Sultan says wanna see ..coz saying before world is one thing and legally separating is another thing! Sultan says…your kameena RK .. Madhu says talk with respect.. the papers are signed does he have no faith in her??..! Sultan says have full faith .. in her so RK has been released..! Madhu is excited and Sultan says dun be too happy coz seeing her happy .. hurts him …n that he wants to see the papers or RK will be gone forever! Madhu says then have to go home..! Sultan says go and return soon .. havent shot RK but not taken off hand from the guns trigger! Madhu leaves and Sultan fumes at RKs poster..!
picture6 Part 2 Radha asks Bittu about Madhu n he says Madhu went to meet Paddo. but Paddo was not there! Radha says heart is sinking.. what is happening? Bittu says to relax and that God is there.. all will be well and Madhu will return..! Radha sits quietly on the sofa..! Madhu rushes back to mansion calling out for RK..! Dips squirms seeing RK and rues..that Madhu doesnt have any home.. she is back again? Part 3 Radha asks Madhu what is going on ..??.This luggage.. and news of divorce? Is this a lie? Madhu is quiet..! Dips smirks.. hope its not a lie.. but true..! Madhu says will talk later..and says need to go to the room ..! She says sorry to Radha and comes in her room..! Dips smirks that.. seems Radha is filled with Melodrama..! Let her go and then we can see..! She wonders why Madhu is back here? Madhu calls out for RK..! She looks around for the divorce papers but cant find..! RK comes and says.. looking for these? Madhu turns and is shocked to see RK holding the papers..! picture7 Precap — RK says know that my Madhu can never do this to me.. divorcing me?? Madhu asks..what can she do to make him believe her? RK says that say sorry.. and admit that am caught..! Also once she gives him the gift he has a surprise for her..! RK turns the lighter on and is about to put the divorce papers on fire… when Madhu asks what is he doing? RK says tumhare sulagte gift ko thoda aur sulga raha hun! RK Mansion Madhu searches … when RK comes asking is she searching for divorce papers ? Madhu asks him to give the divorce papers n RK tells her to come n get them . Madhu tries to take but RK dun let her have them n says he decided now not to give her . RK tells Madhu when she told him that she loves Sultan how he felt ? he felt that after getting out the first thing he wud do is kill her but then he thought that was 2012’s RK n now is 2013 … he has gained controlled over him emotions . RK says a very beautiful girl once told him that we cannot impose our love on others coz love is that poison takes birth in heart & finishes off that heart only first ! he decided that he wud let Madhu go … as night came he pondered over of all their times spent together & assembled these moments to give it a slap ! 1st moment if Madhu wanted freedom then when Y on day of marriage she was so restless , y she cried n did not go with Sultan n marry him … thus proving the truth of the moment that bled out getting the slap ! RK asks Madhu she remembers that r8 ? Madhu says that’s all in past n RK says liquor n love the older it is , the stronger is its intoxication then how can Madhu b in senses ? he says f9 lets forget the past , post marriage he has spent & lived beautiful moments that Madhu mirrored on her face too … so all that happiness he saw that was all fake ! then when RK got hurt on his chest y did Madhu’s heart bleed ? Y she took care of him n became his anchor in every sense ? On the night Sultan died if Madhu did not love him then why she came all the way to save him ? Madhu says that was … & RK completes a pretense ? that was pretense or this is ? Madhu says she doesn’t want to speak about these things n asks RK for papers so that she can go home . RK says enuf … she shd stop it now , stop that she loves someone else , stop asking for divorce . RK tells that Madhu thinks about him to such extent that she does everything RK style so is her surprise giving to him ! he says all this was a prank r8 , a stupid , silly prank , a welcome gift for him . Madhu says again that she wants divorce from him but RK refuses to believe that saying he knows his Madhu wud never do this & never ask for a divorce ! Madhu says what she shall do to make him believe it ? RK says for that first she has to admit that she got caught n then an equally surprise gift awaits her , Saying that RK takes the divorce paper n burns it . Madhu is horrified n tries to put off the fire with her bare hands .On her doing so fire gets caught on her sleeves which shocks RK n he quickly pours water on her hands , Madhu looks flabbergasted with the ruined divorce papers . RK looks unbeleivingly at Madhu & leaves home in anger ! Here Radhajee is perplexed with all the things happening ! she confronts Bittujee who asks her to relax but Radhajee tells what has happened that has led to question of divorce has Rishu again done something to Madhu ? here Bittujee says that its Madhu who wants divorce not RK . Radhajee is shocked n she questions y coz the Madhu she knows cannot even think of separation from RK then Y … Bittujee reiterates his & Babhijee’s convo how Madhu slapped him on hearing that it shd have been RK shot that night not Sultan . Bittujee says that he knows Madhu loves RK but he also knows that Madhu is hiding something . Radhajee decides to speak with Madhu ; Bittujee suggests to give it a few days & talk but Radhajee remains adamant saying she cannot stay mum in this situation ! Radhajee comes n sees Madhu packing . Madhu says she knows what Radhajee is thinking & that she is sorry that she did not say it early but few things are between husband n wife so…
Madhu tells that her son is the reason of an uncertainty in life ! betrayal , murder & then going jail … how long wud she have endured such life with him , such madness ? she cannot live her present fully neither can hope for a better future ! in dark one can only sleep n dream but to live in reality one has to keep their eyes open … n thus Madhu cannot live in dark Radhajee says well then Madu became intelligent overnight ! but Madhu was with RK during more challenging times , pain , hurt n betrayal standing like a pillar . Radhajee says the same thing as RK told Madhu that there were much graver moments in past where she cud have separated from him when he was shattered ; then y now ? Madhu says coz at that time she thought she loved RK but now she loves Su… and Madhu stops Precap
Madhu wants to go back home but Radhajee don’t allow her ; the latter says until she decides Madhu will not leave this mansion ! Dips look frustrated coz she was listening to this convo .

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