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Same scene continues where RK reveals his dad’s death . He says that day itself in evening I did funeral of my father , my happiness n everything was lost … thus these weren’t just pics but a part of my life or my life that existed till that moment ! Meanwhile Bittuji enters with people to take them out . RK hearing noises goes out where Bittuji clarifies relentless showers & filled roads the reason of their delay . RK asks Bittuji to wait for 2 mins n he’ll come out . He goes asks Madhu to change . After changing she comes out , hands over his coat n thanks him… RK notices the dori of her blouse untied . He stops her & tries to tie the dori but feels real awkward & hesitates . Finally unable to tie it feeling uneasy he simply covers her back with the sari aanchal , drapes it around her & scoops her up in arms since the car was placed quite far from studio . The moment door opens they are faced with the throng of media but he nonchalantly carries her in front of them . Madhu’s expression is soft .
He takes her to chawl to meet Paddy . Therealso he tries to carry her but Madhu says she can walk . With RK”s help she reaches her house & Paddy opens the door . Paddy showers tons of questions on Madhu’s whereabouts & reasons why she left ! the obvious notion she concludes that RK might have done something but Madhu stands in front of RK defending that he’s innocent & did not do anything . She does not know but she just left the house & was about to call Paddy when RK found her & brought her here. Paddy informs that RK came here as well last night to find her. Finally Paddy tells her never to do such things … Madhu bids bye to Paddy asking her to take care & Paddy does the same .
RK mansion
Madhu tries to say something when RK stops her & asks not to look at him like that . He reduces 10 lacs from the sum that she’s supposed to repay . RK tells Madhu to forget everything , that was a weak moment when he opened his most dark secret to her ! but that does not change anything , he knows Madhu lied to her mum for him but he doesn’t want pity n sympathy from her … the entire family is waiting so they should get going . Madhu again has difficulty to walk so RK scoops her up & enters mansion .
Madhu in RK’s arms is witnessed by Radhajee & Kukku . Radhajee again grets them with tons of questions on their being & whereabouts when RK puts in there’s no big deal that he spent a night with his wife where their hearts came close and they shared some talks , there’s nothing to get hyper ! saying so he proceeds towards stairs only to be halted by a voice .
Entry of Deepali
Deepali comes & says that RK just wasn’t there for 1 night & he’s greeted so grandly . She goes to say that what he thought she’ll stay in London only ; she got few days off so she came here . She looks at Madhubala and tells that since she landed she has heard loads about the latter ! RK musn’t have said anything to her so she introduces herself that to whole world RK lives with in this house alone but that’s not the case ! she’s the daughter-in-law of this house .
Madhu’s , well , trying to grasp what she just heard when RK lifts her once again & asks Bittuji to call the doctor . Saying that he proceeds to his room where scene focuses on Deepali smirking ‘
Precap — RK tells Madhu you must be thinking that I share such weird relationships with my mom , step father & brother ! well Deepali’s relation with me is also of that sort an imposed one ‘..
The episode starts with R.K laying MB on her bed.He preoares to go after saying that doctor will come & dinner will be sent to her.MB stops him & asks him about Deepali.He says just like Kukuji & Skikki are step-relations,same way Deepali is also a forced relation but what are you worried about others!.He leaves leaving MB perplexed.
RK is in his room when Deepz cums there with a glass of milk.She says that married people must keep their doors locked or else someone mite enter like me!.She asks abt MB but later on she says that I know your wife doesn’t stays with you in your room.Deeps latr commets that MB must take of the flowers if nt you! Then she also comments seeing cotten pillows on his bed by saying that you are allergic to cotton!Your wife shud hav put satin sheets instead.She walks to R.K & touches his shoulder.R.K removes her hand. She then offers milk to R.K!He ignores that ruefully.Deeps says that I am just following what you wife does.I heard that you wife is on a mission to change you even without staying with you in one room!.She then again forwards the milk to R.K & seductively says that drink it na or else it will break my heart!.He takes the glass & she says that Come ON HERO,YOU CAN DO IT!.Just then Radhaji come there & Deeps inquires abt MB.Radhaji says that she is fine!Deeps leaves!.Radhaji asks R.K how are you,I hope you don’t have fever,shud I call the doc.R.K keeps silent.Then he says to her that Mohan Kundra’s son has not done or won’t do anything which will make him ashamed of his son!
In the hall,Deeps gifts scotch to Kukuji & shawl to Radhaji when MB come there!Deeps tells her that she has forgotten to bring gift for MB!She gives her perfume to MB saying that I had brought it for me but now you take it! MB says that it okay!You hav brought it for urself so you keep it!.Deeps says that there is no your or mine between us!
All leave for the dining hall when Deeps spots R.K!She invites him for dinner to which he declines!MB glances back & looks at R.K & Deeps. Deeps again puts her hand on his shoulder & seductively says that I have got a gift for you too…I hope you will love it!.R.K sees that his room is decorated with red roses & candles & there is a wine bottle!R.K fumes & angrily calls Bittoji.Deeps comes & asks smirking why?didn’t you like my gift!
Deeps stands with a rose in her hand at the entrance of his room.R.K looks rueful.Deeps seductively says that i said the things which I shouldn’t have said in front of all but you know my heart is not like that!.She come close to RK & says that yest night must have been very hard for you & MB,so I decorated this room!Then she seductively moves the rose over his arms & continues saying now there can be some rest & some love…R.K ruefully takes the rose from her hand & prepares to go but Deeps stops him by clutching his hand & says that wrist & says what happened R.K? Seeing the decoration are you angry or painful.R.K shoves her hand away from her n leaves!She smirk!
R.K goes to the dining hall where all are seated having dinner.He comes & tells to MB that you must have finished eating.Then the next moment he scoops her in his arms & prepares to leave.MB & Radhaji both are startled.R.K leaves carrying MB in his arms!
They reach MB’s room where R.K makes her sit on the bed & then starts putting all her clothes & belongings in a bag.Shocked MB asks him am I…or are we going somewhere?He doesn’t reply!Instead asks her where are your medicines.She points to the bed-side drawer.R.K gets those & starts packing eyerything & then calls Munna & orders him to taks the bag out of the room.MB is startled!
Precap: R.K scoops MB in his arms & takes her to his room.MB asks him why can’t I stay in my room?R.K tells that now you will stay in my room!!Even Deeps who is present there hears that!Both MB & Deepali are stunned!!!source: telenovelasgh.com

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