Madhubala Update on Wednesday 14th February 2018

Part 1
RK closes in on Madhu and pins her to the wall ..! He asks her from where she got the courage to break her promise n got the pics published in the papers?
He tells her that he is a fire that will destroy her wajood and that he hates DHOKA n goes away! Radha stand by Madhus side! Sikandar informs Kuku all details!
Shammo is regaining consciousness ..n opens eyes n sees Paddo/ Trish! Shammo asks for Madhu! Paddo fakes that she will bring her along next day! Trish chides her for lying! Tells her that Shammo will die if he finds out Madhu is Mrs. RK!
RK is driving n recollects Madhus challenge to him n him asking sorry to Paddo! He says .. Madhu to pray to God to try and save her from RK! Radha offers Madhu water n asks her what the matter is? Servant gives her the paper n they r shocked seeing RKs pics! Radha asks her if she did it n Madhu says..she din!
RK calls Madhu n Madhu tries to explain her that she din do it.. but RK interrupts n tells her to come to the hosp .. in 24 mins .. to try n save Shammo as he is just 24 steps away from him in telling Shammo that his daughter got sold to become RKs half-bride! Madhu gets up and leaves for the hosp in a rick!
RK walking towards Shammos hosp room! RK reaches there! Madhu too ..but she cant find RK!
Part 2
RK comes from behind n says.. ‘Tick tock tick’ n Madhu is shocked! He praises her for her speed! RK tells Shammo to get up as scriptures say.. that.. not welcoming Damad is a sin! He takes a knife n Madhu panics ..! Madhu tries to pull the knife from RK n he asks her not to do so… !
RK asks Madhu to fight back.. give Dhoka ..play tricks!
Part 3
Roma comes in n is shocked to see RK . .n RK says.. Iron woman here? Oh well Shammo is conscious!
Madhu – Roma r panicked!
Precap — Shammo asks Madhu what RK is saying? Madhu says.. nothing like that but RK says..he will explain! He reads the contract which says..that.. RK has given price for Shammos treatment n as guarantee Shammo has written that he will give his daughter!
Part 1
RK taunts Roma and Roma shouts on her n RK shushhhs her n says.. not more than 2 person can come in the ward n asks her to leave! Shammo asks how Madhu is n she says fine n RK sings .. ‘Kabhi khushi kabhi ghum’
Shammo grimaces seeing RK ..! Madhu asks Maleek to rest n RK taunts her n says.. that it seems like employee – employer relation! Shammo asks Madhu not to worry
RK asks how Shammo is.. n then tells him that.. he has paid for all the expenses for Shammos care! Madhu begs him to stop! Shammo asks Madhu the truth and RK says… Madhus dialogues over.. mine start!
He tells Shammo that RK has saved him n he was expensive so Shammo has paid heavy price.. n that banks ask for guarantee so he did too..! He reads out the contract… which states Madhu is guarantee for Shammos care till he can repay the whole expense n asks him to sign! Madhu says she is ready to sign .. n begs RK to have mercy! RK says its between two men so women back off..! RK brings stamp pad n forcibly takes the thumb finger impression!
RK thanks Shammo n leaves ..! Madhu asks Shammo to relax! RK says important thing is pending.. taking elder blessing n Madhu begs him not to tell Shammo! He says.. RK is cruel but not indecent …! He tells Madhu is his wife.. he has married her! He flaunts that he has made Shammos illegitimate daughter his legitimate wife! Shammo asks the truth..! RK asks him to get to work to repay n walks off! Madhu too walks off! RK asks Madhu to sit in the car but Madhu walks on the road in the rains!
RK asks Madhu not to punish herself as its his right .. n asks her to sit in the car!
Part 2
RK tires to pull Madhu by holding her arm..s he frees twice.. but third time she asks him to leave but he refuses n asks her to sit in the car..
She says no .. n says.. cant breathe the same air as u .. so not gonna sit.. n HATE U RK! She says.. not anymore.. n RK says sayonara n drives off! He tells her to come home the way she wants but to come safe as ..’Picture abhi baki hai mere dushman’
Part 3
Madhu breaksdown recollecting RKs behaviour with Shammo n screams out!
Precap — RK tells Madhu that he has never gotten so much Seva..that she is getting…! He offers her medicine n says.. to make her present beautiful ..! Madhu refuses..! RK says.. she has two options … ‘Chup Chap se Pee lo’ … yah .. ‘Chup Chap se Pee lo’source: telenovelasgh.com

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