My Sweet Curse Episode 104 Update on Monday 16th April 2018

Aurora wonders about what to say to push Rodrigo away from her so Monica can have him.
Rodrigo tells Luis that he is sure he saw Aurora and Rafael romancing but Luis calms him down to stop his crazy dobt again.
Monica calls Aurora and she continues to blackmail her with her sickness and she also as usual becomes very worried for Monica.
Elsa and Apolonia talk about Epifania ‘s missing and Elsa thanks her for letting her know and she promised to tell Xochitl and Jeronimo about it so they will know what to do.
Aurora meets Rodrigo and tells him that she can’t marry him and he wishes to know her reason and she says it’s because she has mis feelings. Rodrigo tells her about seeing him and Rafael together but Aurora says she doesn’t understand what he is talking about so she has nothing to explain to him and Rodrigo becomes depressed since Aurora is resolved to not being with him and nothing he says can change her mind.
Elsa tells Jeronimo about Epifania’s disappearance and he thinks she only did that just to bother him.
Rodrigo and Rafael bumps into each other and confront themselves concerning Aurora and they agree to have a duel to know who wins and take over Aurora.
Rodrigo goes home and bids goodbye to Luis and asks him to take care of Monica and his mum and also to tells Aurora that he will never forget the taste of her lips and this makes Luis becomes very nervous.
Immediately Rodrigo left, Luis tracks Rodrigo’s phone and sees where he is heading to and Elsa, Apolonia and Aurora believe that the two may be trying to engage in a duel and Xochitl tells Monica about it and Apolonia calls Onesimo for help to stop the two boys. Aurora then forgets about her exams in order to stop Rafael and Rodrigo from that gun fight. Boni and Ines gets to know about the duel through Chalo and they become worried.
Epifania looks for shelter in Macrina’s shack.
On the battle grounds, neither Rodrigo nor Rafael dare to kill each other with the gun and they get into a fight with their hands.
Televisa features a man called Luca looking for a place to rent and Maximina and Altagracia offer him their house.
Aurora, Apolonia, Elsa, Onesimo and Luis arrive at the battle scene to stop the fight and after, Aurora warns them that she never wants to know or have anything about Rodrigo and Rafael anymore because she isn’t a trophy they can fight about.
Luca introduces his wife to Maximina and Altagracia and it turns out that Aurora’s Auntie Brigida is the woman.
Aurora misses her exams to enter college due the time she spent to stop the battle.
Monica confesses her love for Rodrigo in front of everybody after the duel and this comes as a shock to them especially Luis because never did he thought Monica is in love his best brother friend.

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