My Sweet Curse Episode 116 Update on Monday 7th May 2018

Severo tries confronting Macrina but she shoots him on his chest and hits Aurora and she faints and Macrina tries to set the shed ablaze with petrol or diesel but Aurora gains consciousness and struggles with Macrina to take the gallon from her but if pours on Macrina but she manages to run out and lock both Aurora and Severo inside so she can accomplish to set the house on fire fortunately, Rodrigo whiles on horse riding gets there on time to prevent her from doing it nonetheless, Macrina does catch on fire and begins to burn.
Aurora wants to help her but Rodrigo holds her back because it’s was too late. Severo is seriously wounded and Onesimo arrives. Macrina burns to death and Severo is taken to the hospital in critical condition.
Aurora asks Rodrigo to go stay with Monica as she is going to stay in the hospital to take care of Severo, and that she is going to take care of him even after he is released from the hospital and Rodrigo says she is not to worry because Monica will die very soon but Aurora asks him to stop being heartless and go and Rodrigo tells Aurora that his love for her will always be there. After she left, Aurora prays to God to give Severo and Monica long life.
Now that Corina has a relationship with Luca, she tells Camilo that their relationship is over since he changed her for Aurora and she demands that he pays for the French lessons she gave him because she could may be try to do investment with it and Camilo looks interested in that investment and so, she tempers his curiosity to begin to set the trap to swindle him.
Severo has really lost lots of blood and seriously, Aurora is the only one who has the same blood type as Severo, and now they will be able to operate on him since she agrees to donate to save him.
Wenceslao tells Xochitl the news about his mum Macrina, and she prays for forgiveness for always helping Macrina to hurt Aurora.
Aurora finds out that she is pregnant when she tries to donate blood to Severo. All of Aurora’s loved ones arrive at the hospital to give their support to her and father Basilio brings her clothes to wear.
Xochitl confesses to Rodrigo and Elsa how she and Macrina focused on ruining Aurora’s life, from trying to make her go insane, to spreading false rumors about her, and trying to ruin the Milk Producers Fair. Rodrigo and Elsa after hearing all this, kick her out of the hacienda and tell her they never want to see her again.
Severo cries after knowing that Aurora’s blood type matches his and that he even got saved with her blood and there, he suspects Aurora could be his daughter since they have the same blood type and the truth is he made love with Carmen shortly before they broke up; so, he orders a DNA test to clear up his doubts.
Aurora tells Father Basilio that it was Macrina’s envy of Carmen that made her hate her and try to ruin her life; she also confesses that she is pregnant and that she will give Rodrigo the news after Severo gets well but She also thinks about how she is going to tell Monica that the situation has changed and that she can’t give up Rodrigo any more, but she doesn’t know is that Rodrigo and Monica are now married.

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