My Sweet Curse Episode 85 Update on Tuesday 13th March 2018

Elsa tells Jeronimo that Andres’ love for her didn’t last long and he asks her if she thinks that he would do the same if they became a couple and Elsa goes dumb and Jeronimo asks Elsa to forget about what people will think if they start a relationship and when he leans to kiss her, she steps back and walks away.
Aurora and Rafael meet Abundio, who is selling the ideal herd bull Rafael wants to buy, but what they don’t know is that Severo is actually the one behind the sale, and he tells Abundio how to take Rafael to the limit before closing the deal.
Onesimo asks Apolonia to let her guard down and run the risk of being loved by him.
Abundio tells Rafael that he is going to auction off the bull in the fair and that he is welcomed to participate in the auction.
Elsa confesses to Father Basilio that she almost let herself get carried away by her feelings and admits that she is in love with Jeronimo, but she’s afraid of being betrayed again because she has never been able to forgive Andres and Apolonia ever since they cheated on her.
Rafael and Rodrigo affront each other at the fair all because of Aurora.
Camilo decides to start taking French lessons with Corina.
In San Miguel, Chalo also takes the opportunity to look for Ines’s parents and ask them about her child and stressfully but luckily for him, he finds Sabina and Meliton (Ines’ parents), but he couldn’t get them to tell him where Ines’ daughter is and Chalo leaves Sabina his cell phone number in case she decides to tell him all about the little girl.
The lawyer arrives to inform Gloria that Dionisio won’t be transferred to prison and that he might get out on bail and she becomes so happy, but Tobias is disappointed with the news because he thought finally, he and his mum would be living with his grandpa.
Rafael and Rodrigo bid against each other during the bull’s auction at the fair but in the end, Armando, Severo’s accomplice, outbids Rodrigo and Rafael for the bull they were willing to blow all their money on all because no one is willing to let the other win over him.
Ponciano tells Gloria that she can still decide to come back home, but for now, Tobias is going to stay with him.
Rodrigo is furious when he sees Aurora dining with Rafael and he confronts them asking them to explain to him what the hell is actually going on between them and they go quiet.source: telenovelasgh.com

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