Police Brutality: John Dumelo disowns ‘woman beater’ Policeman after photo pops up

John Dumelo disowns ‘woman beater’ Policeman

Actor John Dumelo has denied having any ties with the Police officer who was captured on video assaulting a nursing mother.

The star actor has been forced to comment on the issue after a photo he snapped with the said Policeman popped up on social media.

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Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor aka Skalla has come under intense criticism after he brutally assaulted a woman at the Shiashie branch of Midlands Savings and Loans.

The Officer constantly hit the woman, first with an umbrella, later punched her on the face, before dragging her out of the banking hall.

He has since been remanded, with the Police Administration confirming that investigations have already commenced into the matter.

However, hours after the video of the woman’s assault went viral, a photo Dumelo snapped with Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor also began circulating.

This got certain quarters wondering if the actor had any relationship with the disgraced Policeman.

But responding to a Twitter follower, Dumelo denied any ties with the said officer, explaining that the photo may have been taken a long time ago.

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He further condemned the actions of the officer, describing him as a “coward”.

“Bro, this picture must have been taken ages ago. But the policeman is a coward for doing what he did. Under no circumstance should he have physically abused that woman,” his tweet replied.

Meanwhile, the Interior Minister, Ambrose Dery, has disclosed that Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor could be dismissed from the Police Service for his “unacceptable” conduct.

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