Till The End of Time Episode 6 Update on Monday 30th July 2018

Maya checks her office’s live CCTV footage and fumes seeing Arjun with 2 other colleagues enjoying beer and partying. Arjun leaves office with colleagues backbiting about Maya. He sees Maya coming to office and asking if he is not afraid of her. He says no. She becomes ghost and he worriedly wakes up from sleep and realizes it was her dream. Saanjh is present there. Arjun says he saw Maya as ghost in dream. She says if he sleeps so much, he will get bad dream obviously. Their usual nok jhok continues. Maya reaches office and asks assistant if Arjun came. Assistant says not yet. Maya gathers employees and asks who is afraid of god. Everyone raise their hands. One of them asks assistant why she is talking about god. Assistant says she is talking about herself. Maya continues asking employee if they think their mistake will be hidden by boss. At Arjun’s home, mom prepares Arjun’s favorite sandwitches and serves it to Saanjh and Ayan. Ayan says Saanjh if she comes to this house, he does not have to eat Arjun’s favorite sandwiches daily. Mom comes back. Saanjh says aunty. Ayan asks to call mummyji. Arjun comes and mom shows sandwiches. Arjun says he is getting late for presentation. Saanjh convinces him to have breakfast finally. He takes and leaves. Saanjh waits for Arjun and starts presentation with client. Client says he did not like her campaign. Arjun comes and shakes hand with client. Client who is gay likes Arjun. Arjun briefs about his garam masala named campaign, seducing gay client. Client says he liked his campaign and asks Maya to include Arjun’s campaign. Once client leaves, Arjun says Maya he did this to get contract from client. Maya leaves. Arjun challenges his colleagues that he will force Maya to say thank you and walks behind her, but she ignores him. Saanjh gets Arjun’s call. She goes to washroom and picks his call. He says his campaign was successful, but Maya did not even say thank you, she is very arrogant. Boss knocks door. Saanjh comes out. Boss says whatever they get ideas in bathroom are stinky always and says let us go to meet Maya Malhotra. Saanjh gets tensed and calls Arjun. Arjun who is clicking outdoor public pics frightens her that Maya is a big problem and Maya has problem with problem, she should call her parents and inform that she is gone, says even she will get ghost dreams like him from hereon. Saanjh goes to ganesh temple and prays god that he does 90% of her job, but hanumanji is strong in ghost issues. She goes to hanuman temple next and prays god to save her from ghosts, she chants few hanuman chalisa verses and says she knows only this much. Maya goes to hotel and gets afraid seeing her father. She starts shivering in fear and holding guard’s hands asks him to get him in. Guard sees her very afraid. Once she goes in till lift and her dad walks out, she gives 500 rs note to guard. Guard says he does not take money from children and asks if she is fine. She says guests are called madam and walks out. Maya then meets Saanjh and her boss and discusses about her company issue, wrongly transferring 25% of her compan stake to some other company. Saanjh’s boss suggests her to give some crores to other company and get the matter settled. Maya’s manager says their company will not compromise. Saanjh reads file and says she has solution. Boss scolds her. Maya asks what is solution. Saanjh reminisces Arjun’s words and starts blubbering weird wordss. Maya says solution. She tells when she signed contract, she was not 18 and was minor, so contract is invalid. Maya walks out ordering boss that she will deal with only Saanjh hereon. Boss boasts that is he hires young talent. Maya calls 2 employees who partied with Arjun in her cabin last night. Arjun comes late and assitant tells him that Maya is waiting for him. He goes to Maya’s cabin and seeing beer on table, opens a bottle and starts sipping. Maya gives him letter. He says this is her way of thanking by giving promotion, opens letters and is shocked to see his and other 2 employees’ termination letter. He thinks how dose Maya know about his last night’s party and says Maya she cannot terminate him. Precap: Arjun asks Maya to terminate him and spare other 2 employees. Maya says if he wants to save them, he should drink beer till she says no. He drinks bottles of beer and falls down unconscious. Update Credit to: MA

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