Till The End of Time Episode 70 Update on Friday 2nd November 2018

Saanjh’s brother gets very emotional and asks Saanjh not to go abroad. She says she has to and tries to console him. He says they both can tackle Arjun together and curses Arjun. Saanjh stops him and emotionally hugs him. Prem comes and says he spoke to his friend and arranged her stay in his house, friend will help her there in settling down. Saanjh ugs him and reminds that when he took her to teach swimming for the first time, he told her that he can teach her swimming, but it is up to her will power how soon she will learn. Maya wakes up in the morning and sees Arjun sleeping next to her on hospital bed. She touches him. In sleep, he says let me sleep Dusky. Maya gets jealous. Nurse comes and tells Maya, let him sleep Dusky. Arjun wakes up and asks when did he sleep here,
he was sleeping on couch. She says at night. Jahnvi comes and Arjun asks her to handle Maya till he returns and leaves. Maya tells Jahnvi that Ashwin will never change and loves himself. The days she stood up, she brought Ashwin in front of her. Jahnvi apologizes and says she was thinking of herself much that she forgot about Maya. Maya asks to look into her eyes and asks if she will leave her for Ashwin. Jahnvi says she will never leave her and will leave Ashwin instead, says I promise. Maya wipes her tears. Arjun enters with doc. Doc asks Maya how is she feeling. Maya says better, but some wounds won’t heal easily, looking at Jahnvi. Doc says he is discharging her and she has to go home and rest. Maya says she wants to go and work and asks Arjun to call driver here itself, she will go to work directly. Arjun says if she did not here what doc says, she should rest fist. Ashwin is busy enjoying TV and laughing. Jahnvi calls him and he asks how is Maya, he is worried about her and cannot even eat. Jahnvi says Maya did not approve of their relationship, so she will not eet him again, their togetherness is not in their fate. Ashwin thinks he writes his fate and nobody can change it, not even Maya. Arjun dips biscuit in tea and tries to feed to Maya. Biscuit falls down. Arjun says even biscuit is not in Maya’s fate. Maya says she writes her fate and eats remaining biscuit. Arjun says his mom and dad can. She says Ashwin is not her father, her is a monster. He says monster saved her. She says she does not trust anyone except her. He asks not even him. She says no as he cannot even feed her a biscuit. He says if he had asked Dusky to jump from a building, she would have without a question, but Maya is not trusting him for just a biscuit. Maya fumes more in jealousy. Saanjh packs her bags. Ayan asks why she is going. Saanjh says she will go there and will send them selfies and make them jealous. She asks to pick bags. Ayan picks and she says not this one, it has Arjun’s memories and she is running from here to get away from Arjun’s memories. Vandana asks her to not run away and inform truth to Arjun. She calls Arjun. Saanjh gives her promise and ask not to tell anything to Arjun. Arjun picks call and Vandana asks how is Maya. Arjun says she is fine and will be discharged by evening, he will call her back as he is filling discharge form. Saanjh asks Vandana not to tell anything to Arjun as he doe not want to snatch is love. Arjun sees Maya trying to braid her hair unsucessfully and braids it saying he knows a bit. He then feeds her soup. She says he should be a nurse. He says then let us play doctor doctor, touches her forehead and says she has heart problem. Maya shoots a heavy dialogue. Arjun falls into her lap. She smiles. Saanjh before getting into carr asks her family and Ayan, Vandana not to get sad, she is not going away from their heart. She asks Ayan not to fall into girl’s trap again. He says if he gets trapped, she should come and save her. He huts her and says he will miss her. She says whenever he misses her, he should go on terrace and should. He asks why. She says people will realize how mad he is. Everyone smile. Saanjh reminsices his meeting with Arjun on terrace and says Ayan she is going now, he should take care of everyone and even her duffer/Arjun. She gets into car. Her brother tells Ayan that because of his brother, Saanjh’s heart is broken and she is going far away. Ayan asks him to go and drop Saanjh to airport first. He with Suman gets into car and SMSes Arjun that because of him, Saanjh is going to Singapore. Arjun is busy taking ccaree of Maya. Maya’s hospital gown thread loosens and Arjun ties it. Maya says thank you. Arjun gets Saanjh’s brother’s message that he hates him as Saanjh is going to Singapore because of him, he should never come in front of him, else he will break his head. Arjun says Dusky and runs. Precap: Maya reads Arjun’s message. Arjun stops Saanjh’s car and asks why she is running away from him. She says I love you. Maya comes in her car and hearing this starts shedding tears

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