Timeless Love Episode 76 Update on Tuesday 13th February 2018

Alfo/Kari and the waterworks at full flow: Kari: We were friends… Alfo: I thought Alvaro would give me the queen lifestyle I wanted and that I did not have with Ezeq… (boy woman, you don't need anything short of a real beating and shooting you to a small island with no food or comforts)… No I realize Ezeq had me in a palace full of love, all golden. Kari: Did you really think I lived in a palace? (Alfo nods yes) .. Things are not as they seem, Alfo… I would have been HAPPY to switch lives with you… you changed the love of a husband who respects you, loves you and cares for you… for a man like Alvaro who only cares about himself… And not only that, but you betrayed our friendship, and it hurts bad. Alfo keeps apologizing but Kari is too hurt to listen… Lazaro was listening from across the room, though… Laz: Kari, maybe what Alfo did was to take the blindfold off your eyes… Kari: Yes, but she betrayed a friend… and it hurts real bad. ( good for you Kari… the least they can give you is some time to digest all that) Kari and Laz leave a very upset Alfo..
Rob and Matt are walking together, seems around the garden of MR manor. Matt says you should do that DNA test since the dates are near each other and that baby could be mine too… Rob is upset (with her best buzzer voice… boy that woman has a really annoying voice.) Rob says a woman knows when she gets pregnant… And even though Nata told Jero I would do the DNA test, I won't do it! Matt asks, and what if I ask you? Jero seemed very sure he is not your baby daddy, and so I also want to make sure that baby is not mine.
Adri and Nata: Adri: Sorry i don't mean to be on Jero's side but I could not deny helping him. Even if you get divorced, learning the truth will help you out in the long run. He swore to me that he never slept with Berta. Something in me believes him. Nata: Yeah I am also blown away at his certainty of not being the daddy. But so what? It's not just Rob's baby, but he lied to me! he broke my heart! He took revenge on me for something I did not do! Adri: I know how you feel, I am not defending him but I put myself in his shoes… I would probably do the same as him. Nata: Oh that's great that you are not on his side! (what would you say if you were??) Adri: Just think about it for a second… Put yourself in his shoes!! What if the one relative you had left that loved you in this world killed themselves for the betrayal of someone? What would have you done? Would you sit there with your arms crossed or would you have gone out to find out the truth, no matter who fell? Nata: I don't know! Adri: I bet you would have done same as him! I know you! You would never have let an injustice go unnoticed.The problem is that Jero got bad leads. He went after Rob, then you came and he got confused! Nata: Well, how easy… so he says 'well, I was confused, I was wrong, forgive me!.. that easy, no? ITs not so easy, Adri! Adri: Yeah but you lied to him too about your name! You told him you had a boyfriend right at the place Rafa agreed to meet you at! So the confusion makes sense. Nata: You are trying to make me feel bad for Jero. But no. He fixed his issue, I have not! Adri: NO, you are wrong! He has not either. He has been trying to prove it was Rob, but has not been able to even with the necklace, the letter and the heart. And on top of that he fell in love with you like a stupid and now he does not have you.
Fina is talking to herself cursing Connie, she is very upset about Connie trying to talk to Gonzo and Nata in favor of Jero. Fina's cell rings, the Licenciado calls her to let her know Gina has arrived back in Mex… He tells her about seeing her and Antonio at the airport… She gets even more upset that with Gina nearby, her nightmare is back on! … he reminds her of their soon to come eloping… she gives him the typical ' (don't call me, ) i will call you'
Cantu is meeting with Gustavo the old governor boyfriend of Pepa's… Cantu is quick to bring Pepa's situation with Gonzo and asks what he knows about her… Gustav says Pepa and him did not break up exactly in good terms, and that she always liked the good life, living like a queen, and to belong to high society. Cantu asks him why she stayed here so long. Gustav says she was counting on my protection. Once I stopped being governor, and she had not heard of the father of her kids, she felt comfortable enough to go to MC. Cantu asks Gustav if he would be interested in providing him more info about Pepa.
At Gina's house, she is angry that Antonio keeps trying to rule her life. 'I don't want to keep on living at your rhythm, Gonzo's or Cantu's. I want to live my life! If you want a woman who will do as you say without questioning anything or saying her peace, you probably are with the wrong woman!' Cata and Antonio are concerned that something is bothering or anguishing Gina.
At Misery Manor, Gonzo gives Nata a support speech… he wants Nata to share with him her feelings, he wants Nata to stay a few days and give him a chance to help her… Antonio calls Gonzo to let him know Gina is in town. Gonzo will reactivate her security guards asap… When Gonzo hangs up and tells Nata Gina is back in town, Nata is very bitter responding saying she wants Gina far from her and her life. Nata tells Gonzo that Gina knew why Jero married her. Gina is not a good person and i want her far away from me.
Berta is having a tantrum demanding that Fina give her a solution to the nightmare of having Matt and Jero on her tail about the DNA test.
Hono and Adri at her house… Hono does not want Blanca to find them.. Adri brings him to earth saying Blanca knows our phone number and our address, and even our routine. Hono is mad that he hired and even got along with that psychopath… Adri says she is beginning to believe the story that Blanca drugged him to get him in bed with her. Hono says that's the only way he could have done that. He absolutely loves COnnie, Adri points out that Blanca could go after Connie. Hono says that is true, need to find her but can't get her to answer her phone or be willing to talk to me. I am praying BLanca will not go after her.
Connie and Chema arrive at her house from having a good time at a karaoke bar… She remembers she was going to try to talk to Nata, but it is too late now, tomorrow she will. Chema tries to invite himself to spend the night, but she turns him down… He says 'you are driving me crazy!' but in a good mood and leaves. She watches him leave, and is smiling, not that uncomfortable looking at all.
At La Bonita, the happy couple are very smoochy and clingy, Mati finally sees 'el hermoso' as a sweet dream but Carlos is her sweet reality… Lazaro congratulates the couple… he wonders if it will work, they come from such different worlds, Carlos assures him his only intention is to make her happy. The idiot Mati brings back her 'curse' but Carlos keeps taking it as a joke and says she is blessed for all she makes him feel… Carlos asks Lazaro permission to take Mati somewhere… Lazaro says she is old enough. Carlos wants to do things right. Lazaro who is still in a sad mood, says you have to go after your happiness… because sorrows arrive on their own. When the happy couple leave, Manuela tells Lazaro he should do the same, to find his own happiness…
Fina is in her bedroom, gets a call, it is Gustavo her old boyfriend, seems he wants to meet her about Cantu and all the questions he was asking. Fina gets really nervous… (there must be something Gustavo has on her that is really important, i wonder if Gustavo knows the name of Roberto and/or that Nata is not her child) She yells at him not to call her again… he says never, even less when i tell you about an investigator that was asking about you and your daughters. Roberta comes in whining asking for the promised 'solution'. Once Fina yells at Rob to get out and Rob leaves in a huff, Fina tells Gustavo they have to meet and don't you dare talk to anyone before we talk.
Upstairs Rob and Nata are struggling in front of the stairs… Nata says even if I have to drag you i will make you take that DNA test, the only thing Rob is making me feel with her reluctance is that Jero is saying the truth and the child is not his. Rob pulls herself off yelling to Nata to let go of her… Humpty Dumpty had a great fall bouncy-bouncy tumbling down the steps belly down (of course! how else could it be?), all of a sudden all cameras malfunction and everything is in slow slo-mo… have to say it was all completely planed by Roberta who can think on her toes faster than her mom… she took one look at the stairs and came up with the idea all on her own… i am impressed!) Nata yells for mama, papa! (really, Nata? you could not call for Gonzo or Matias first?) Rob is yelling at Nata already not to touch her … (come on! how many times Nata has to go through the torture of being blamed for everything by Rob and Fina for her to want to get out of that situation?? why does she keep coming back, masochist syndrome for sure!) First to jump on scene is Fina, and Rob of course yells at her mom that Nata pushed her… Fina: What happened?? Nata: She fell down the stairs!… (REALLY??? I thought she was practicing her gymnastics and had tried to do a triple somersault dismount from the top step to see if she could land with feet planted on the first floor! Ok, Nata I want you to start beating both of them to a pulp with one of those white giant bowling balls at the foot of the stairs… that is if you can lift them) Fina: (the very predictable line, to Nata) How could you!! In comes Gonzo almost diving right into Berta's belly! sorry, could not help it… DUMB number one… and the ever original first question 'what happened??' In comes Matias who asks the same originality award winning question and then proceeds to grab Berta and take her in his arms.. (hey, dear tantrum boy… first lesson in first aid… you DON"T PICK UP someone who just tumbled down the stairs complaining of pain… there could be neck injury, head injury or spinal injury which you might have just made even more serious…) Now it is just pure pandemonium… Fina yelling curses and accusations at Nata, Berta complaining of it hurting, Nata trying to tell Gonzo I swear to you I did not do it!, Matt trying to pick up Berta and Gonzo trying to be totally useless… yelling 'Don't argue please!!' in a louder voice than them… Matt yells at Gonzo to get the door (Gonzo was too worried about stopping the argument than helping Berta… UN-BELIEVABLE! Berta: Mom!, my baby, mom!! Nata: Berta! Lets go with her, mom!! Fina replays the scene we saw with the young girls where she pulls Nata by the hair… UN-BELIEVABLE!! 'Where are you going??' (The voice of fear in Nata's voice looking at her mom when Fina has her grabbed by the hair with a mad dog face is priceless!!) Nata: I will go with my sister, mom, please!! Fina: You should have thought about it before pushing her down the staircase! Nata: I did not push her!! We were arguing and she lost her balance and fell!… I swear it, mom, please! Fina: I believe anything about you! You are capable of anything to destroy your sister's happiness! Nata: No, mom, truly! Fina: That is why you came back from the hacienda, no? To destroy her life! That is why you came to Mex City! Nata: I only wanted to find the truth! To find justice! I did nothing wrong! I did not push her down! Fina: Yeah I can see the justice you found! I don't want you near your sister! hear? I don't want you near her! Nata: Mom..!… No!… I did not do anything to her, mom!! (she sits down in the stairs alone devastated…)
The pandemonium continues in the car… Fina calls the gynecologist to meet them in the hospital, already is asking her to be 'discreet' about the abortion… until they get a chance to talk… I am impressed with the way Fina can use all kinds of nastiness with Nata and a second later play the victim's voice on the cell phone to the Doctora…
Jero runs into Augie in hotel lobby… Augie is very sure Jero closed all his possibilities with Nata. Jero is sure Nata loves him and will never notice Augie… Augie brags that Nata used his shoulder to cry on… Jero says that is what you are for Nata, a shoulder to cry on, but her love is for me… Augie brags don't you see that I get what I want alway? I have your grapes, and will have your hacienda and Nata to live with in it as my woman!! (Jero is about to hit him) That is what gets you in trouble, you are too impulsivo… in love and business you have to have a cool head… Jero keeps saying you don' have Nata because she is too smart. Augie keeps arguing Jero was not able to make Nata happy, he will. Jero swears Nata is his and will never be Augies… Augie: We will see…
Hono finds Connie at Gina's center… Connie is surprised he is there.. .he was looking for her at her house, she tells him about the karaoke… With Chema? Yup, i had not had so much fun in a long time… Hono warns her about Blanca being a psychopath and can hurt you… Connie says ironically she already did… Hono is truly concerned about Connie's well being … Connie says i am not a hurdle for her anymore… Hono says wrong! You will always be, because you have my love always… Connie says don't tell her so she won't harm me… Chema makes an opportune showing to break up the scene… Chema puts his hand on her shoulder which ignites a silent jealous rage in Hono… Connie is visibly uncomfortable but won't give in so she asks Hono 'need anything else'? No (he makes his exit, smoking red faced)
Another sweet scene with Carlos and Mati to break up all the tension… Carlos arranges for her to be ready in 3 hrs, he has some special plan for her. She will put a pretty dress Kari made for her a while back and she has not worn yet… Carlos can't wait in anticipation.
Nata in her bed, Augie calls but she does not want to meet him right now… Once he hangs up, door knocks at Augie's hotel room… its Selene… pushing herself up his sleeve… he is not really fighting it too hard… there is a call on his cell, but he won't answer, he wants to play with Sele instead…
Areli is saying her goodbyes… Lazaro tells her Augie is in MC… She says she wants to see Augie, but only to tell him something that is on her mind and then never see him again… Lazaro says I hope you will be able to… Areli says Augie is someone who just wants to control everyone else, to own everyone.. and when you fall in his trap it is hard to get out. but thanks to you I am able to.. With you I realized what caring folks can behave like… you helped me care about myself, value myself… Don't know why we always have to fall for who we should not… Maybe if you and I… (Lazaro turns her down again, but softly… the right man will arrive for you, when you expect it the least… ) They embrace for the goodbye, and this embrace is witnessed by Kari and Manuela… Kari is devastated. ON their way back to the kitchen, Manuela consoles Kari, who thinks she lost everything… Manuela has a hard time believing the Doctorcito was so evil… Kari says it hurts bad about Alfo's betrayal and Lazaro's distancing himself from her… Manuela can understand Alfo, sometimes you don't consider the consequences of what you do… but about Lazaro… there is only one woman for him… you… but he is hurt… it will not be easy to win him back, but it all depends on you and your love for him…
At the fields, Carlos in on his cell phone making the arrangements for whatever surprise he has in mind for Mati. He is happy to hear it will all work out.
At hospital Jero is still waiting for Nata, Rob and Matt to show up, so he calls Nata's cell… Nata is not happy but answers his call. She tells him what happened. SHe swears to him she did not push Berta even though Berta says she did. Jero doesn't even care about that, he wants her to wait, he is heading there right now. Nata then calls Gonzo at hospital to find out how the baby is. Gonzo tells her they have not said anything yet… She keeps insisting she did not push Berta. Gonzo says there will be time to talk about that. Just praying everything will be alright. Then Gonzo notices that Matt is devastated in a chair, neither Matt nor Gonzo believe Nata pushed Berta. Gonzo does not understand why Berta would say that, Matt say because Fina never helped them build a healthy sibling relationship…
At the office Adri lets Daniel review the financial reports… He immediately texts Blanca that he has the financial report… (are they planning on doctoring it to trick Hono and Gonzo?) Adri goes to talk to Hono… she notices his anguish… he says he saw Connie with Chema and felt very angry… he doesn't know what he will do with this feeling… Adri says it shows you still love her… Hono says never question that, I love her with all my heart. Adri say then put aside your pride and go after her… Hono is shocked that his own daughter would give him relationship advise.
Connie is doing same with Chema in her own kitchen… he is trying to cheer her up… Connie is avoiding him and says she wants to go see Gina who is back in MC… Chema confronts her saying she is avoiding him… She says she still is trying to figure how to manage this situation… a month ago i did not even know I would be going through this… Chema says a month ago my mom was alive… did not say it to make her feel bad… on the contrary, live each day the way you want, in case you don't have a chance to tomorrow… don't concentrate in our differences, rather focus in our coincidences.
Jero arrives at MR manor… Nata: I swear to you i never wanted to harm your baby or Berta.. I swear it… Jero: Easy, easy… I believe you. (approaches her slowly showing lots of support…) Nata: you really believe me? Jero: Really. Nata: ITs just that I wanted to go to the hospital but my mom did not let me… (wait, girl, you sound like a 8 year old punished for hurting her younger sibling … I have to say SN saves this ridiculous line… She is the only one that can act through that ridiculous moment and make it somewhat believable) Jero: ANd you are going to let your mother ban you from doing something you want to do? Nata: She can't ban me from going to the hospital, right? Jero: (nods no) Neither can she ban me… Nata: We go? Jero: Lets go.
At Ensenada town bar, Alvaro is half-drunk and comes in demanding drinks… the owner of the place comes to confront him calling him Alvaro (to which Alvaro takes offense, to this man and anyone in town he is DR ALVARO NESME!!) telling him that in his bar or anywhere in town, noone wants to hear from him… A man who loses himself in alcohol during a tragedy where his responsibility is saving lives and abuses of the wife of another man is an a___!! Alvaro tries to pull rank, denies he abused her, and claims she gave herself to him, not once but many times… he says they will need his services, they say they would rather die than go to him. He gets kicked out of the place… not before the guy also calls him a murderer, accuses him that Rafa died in his hands because he was drunk the day he tried to treat him… Alvaro explodes and grabs him by the shirt… then he gets yelled at to leave by everyone in the place… (seems Alvaro did not count on news moving fast around town… everyone knows about him being drunk with Rafa and also about him abusing Kari and Alfo… totally lost the respect of anyone in town… beginning with priest… this man better take a hike… far far away .. ON THE DOUBLE!!… )
Manuela finds Mati trying on her dress… she looks very pretty in a shorter white cotton dress… and a very happy face… which Manuela says when you are this happy you look even lovelier… Manuela says Carlos will go crazy when he sees her.
Fina in Berta's room in hospital, she seems to be in mood to celebrate rather than anguished… Fina: You really surprised me now. Berta: You did not pay attention to me (no me pelaste), you kicked me out of your room and I could not let Renata or Jero find out that I am not going to have Jero's baby, Matias' or anyone else's! Fina: I noticed… but you got hurt… (in celebrating mode) Berta: Yes, it hurts, but it was better than being discovered. Doctora comes in… Doctora: I told you it was wrong to take her out of the hospital. Fina: But she is not here becuase of that… but because she fell down the stairs…So don't reprimend me, ok? (LOL!) I know you don't think I am a good mother, but I am truly! (wow! what a model mother!! give her the mother of the year award!!) Doc: With the fall the earlier wound re-opened. so she will really have to stay a day or two for observation. Rob: I don't want to stay! Doc: If you don't your life will be at stake… Fina: Alright, Doctora, it will be as you say… I only want to ask you a favor.. Could you tell my husband and his son that my daughter lost the baby today? ANd that it was the fall that provoked it? Doc: (in disbelief) Do you realize what you are asking me? Fina: The baby is gone already, no? Who cares if it was a few days ago or this morning? Doc: I don't play your games, Ma'am! Fina: Doctora, believe me that if it was not my daughter's emotional well being at stake in it, I would never ask you for it.
At La Bonita, Carlos is floored… Mati say I look horrible, right? OF course not! I am speechless! He puts a blindfold on her to take her to 'a magical place that I prepared for you'… they take off…
Fina walks the doctora out to meet Gonzo and Matt… Gonzo asks the Doctora for Berta… Doctora say Berta is fine. Gonzo asks what about the baby? Fina jumps in and says the baby is gone. Berta lost it… Doctora gets a cell phone call and has to walk away… Fina tells Gonzo it is even worse… Rob is sterile! (right on cue Nata arrives to hear the end of that) Nata: What did you say, mom? Fina: That you are the only one to blame for your sister Rob will NEVER… hear it well, … NEVER have a baby.. you destroyed her life… and I hope you are happy 'now… (Nata is frozen,Jero is shocked… Gonzo has a warzone face.. Matt has a questioning glance for Fina…) Recap by Marta]source: telenovelasgh.com

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