Timeless Love Episode 96 Update on Tuesday 13th March 2018

Alvaro’s heart stops. Doctor and nurse frantically try to revive him.
At la bonita, Karina has a nightmare/ presumption that something bad happened.
Cata mentions Gonzalo’s wife and ‘pepa’ but Gina does not add the two together and Cata dies before she can say more.
At MR manor, Fina is grabbing loads of cash from the safe… by her own admission is same thing she did 25 yrs ago to Roberto. She can’t even manipulate Berta as she did back then… she really wants Cata to die… so she can continue with her plans.
Gina is crying hugging Cata’s body in the hospital bed… remembering scenes from Reginita’s 1 yr bday… and the goodbyes recently… to the tune of ‘algo se muere en el alma’…
Berta goes in Augie’s room, he reprimends her for almost getting caught by Nata. Augie says he will take Nata’s habits little by little. She plays flirty with him, he does not want to take any risks, she ups the game… she will have a lot of fun in her stay here… he stops her cold and reminds her ‘I am the one that calls the shots here’ and he takes over…
Chema offers to get coffees for everyone, Gonzo admits to Connie that Chema is a good young man. Connie says hes been a good support. Gonzo confronts her about whether Chema is just a support or she is in love with him. But before she can answer, Gina comes out to tell them (devastated) that her mom died. She died and did not forgive Gina.
At La Bonita Carlos and Mati talk about him being dissillusioned and Mati being mad about Renata getting engaged to Augie. Her first impression was right… Whoever hurts her ‘hermoso’ does it to her. From tonight on, Renata, the Linares Ex, will be the unmentionable.
At bed, switch from Nata to Jero… he saying to himself that Nata is dead to him… (man, will you make up your mind for once?? She loves me … she loves me not… I want her… I want her not… forget me… forget me not!)
Berta has finished making love to Augie, she vows that she will not let Nata have any man. Meanwhile Augie is talking to the pillow saying the one he wants in his bed is Nata.
In the morning, Fina reads the paper notice about Cata being dead. She at first is really happy but then remembers that perhaps Cata said something before dying… she gets frantic, she has to know what Cata said or what happened. She dials Antonio’s number, but he won’t answer. Fina says don’t matter, she will make Gina suffer and cry much more than she could be crying now, even with Gonzo beside her.
At Cata’s funeral are Gonzo, Matt, Adri, Chema, Connie and Gina, Ines, Isidro and some extras…
At la bonita, Jero gets a call from the jail telling him Alvaro died. Jero gets Lazaro to gather everyone at the living room.
At Cruz de Amor, at breakfast for three, Berta keeps playing teasing games with Augie and Nata… slept warm… Augie gets a call and walks away… his ‘contractor’ says he got overboard a bit. Augie says this time I will pay extra but next time limit urself to follow the orders.
Jero and Padre Ceverino tell Karina that Alvaro died from a brawl in jail.
Still at breakfast, Nata asks Berta how’s mom. Berta says she now understands mom, since Matias also asked her for the divorce just like her dad did her mom. Nata gets on Matt’s side, yours was not a marriage, more like an arrangement and if there is no baby anymore, we will all be divorced. Berta assures Nata she won’t get divorced. She does not want yet. Tells Nata Matt won’t give her a peso. Nata stays behind Matias, asks Berta to go work. (really? Like asking a worm to enter a hen house.) Berta says Matt is hanging out with ho__ Adri… what do you call the women who hang around with married men? Nata strongly backs up Matias… if she wants to stay married then she will have to settle to have a married who goes out with another one. Nata leaves angry, Augie reprimends Berta for making Nata upset in her own house.
At La Bonita, Jero offers to do the funeral for Alvaro there. Kari is frozen, limits herself to say may he rest in peace, and may God welcome him in his glory. They were so many years… she can’t believe that he won’t be there anymore. Lazaro says in some way you said goodbye to him. Kari mentions her nightmare/presumption of last night.
Marina is clinging to Jero’s arm… geez!!
Berta keeps nagging at Augie, like she doesn’t know him. Augie claims Nata is his woman and you will have to listen to her… Berta says nope, your woman is me! She is just your fiancee. She is playing with you, like she does with all men… She will play him like a violin… You fell to her charm but that does not mean I will kneel at her silly antics. He insists ‘here what I say is done.. whether you like it or not’. She threatens him with telling Nata they are lovers, and if she did not leave him even if I told her that he and I were lovers, she will leave you in a heartbeat. He gets violent and grabs her arm. You don’t want to see me when I get angry (Is he the incredible HULK??)
At la Bonita, the funeral begins… Karina is still frozen walking like a zombie. She wants to open the gasket to see him… Padre says better remember him as he was before. She says there are good memories, few but some. There was a lot of pain in our marriage, but today, from the bottom of my heart, I forgive him, and I say goodbye.
Alfonsina tells Ezeq that Alvaro died. She won’t go to the funeral, and she won’t talk to Kari since Kari doesn’t’ want to see her anymore.
Fina keeps dialing Antonio. He finally answers. Fina tells Antonio Cata died… he is shocked, he wanted Cata to survive… He keeps nagging Fina about how cold and calculating she is… he is no murderer like her, she nags at him that he approached her for it. Fina says can’t leave you in peace, you have to find out what she ‘told’ before dying. He claims he will take the responsibility… Fina says just find out…
Ezeq comes to tell Augie about Alvaro’s death and Augie fakes like he is surprised… Ezeq will go to the funeral, doing it for Karina and to make sure he is DEAD for good. Augie says he is sort of glad Alvaro is dead, betrayers should be dead and in hell. But Augie won’t go to La Bonita as long as it is still property of Linares.
On his way out Ezeq runs into Nata, she asks him to find a vet to check Gitana out, he lets her know he is going to the funeral, once he tells her who died, she wants to go with him for Karina.
At Cata’s funeral, Gina and Gonzo talk, he consoles her. Gina is upset that she was a good daughter in Cata’s eyes.. UNTIL she fell in love with him.
At Cruz de Amor, Berta flirts some more with Augie, my sister and I are opposite poles. You can make a change. He says ‘not a chance’. She insists, he just walks away from her.
Isidro calls Jero and lets him know about Cata’s death, they are at funeral, better wait to call Gina later or tomorrow.
The bank manager calls Matias to let him know they got approved for the new credit line. Matt calls Gonzo, they got the credit, now they can run the setup plan to trap Blanca. The plan is with Daniel to call Blanca to tell her about the new moneys available so she will teach him how to move it to their accounts… She wants them to do it together, she does not want to be tricked …
While Gonzo is still on the cell, Antonio gets to the funeral, approaches Gina… He asks her if Cata talked to her before dying… Gina tells him Cata mentioned something about Gonzo’s wife, but died shortly after. (guess Gina did not hear when Cata mentioned ‘Pepa’). Gina mentions how much Cata loved Antonio. He says he let her down, he was not as ‘good’ as she thought…. But when he is about to say more, he chickens out and just asks Gina to forgive him and leaves.
At La bonita, Nata gets to the funeral, Jero walks to her and says you are not welcome here anymore…
Previews: Nata walks out mad, Manuela tries to get her to stay… and Jero gets more intimate with Marina.source: telenovelasgh.com

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