Zeeworld – Love Oh Love Episode 159–161 Update on Friday 27th October 2017

EPISODE 159 – 161
Avni holds his hands in front of everybody and reveals her love for him in front of everybody that she also loves Raj. They were all shocked. She says they love each other so much and can't love without each other. She urge them not to say wrong about him, he hid the truth just to make her believe she loves him too; and that is true. She loved him and loves him even today.
Bhavna asks what is she saying. She says she is doing what Geeta tells them, to be with the truth even the odds are against them. Avni says that had she not fallen in love with Raj, he would have backed up. Savri tells her to stop as her elders are here. They hold hands firmly and refuses to leave it in spite of Savri Bua's insistence. Avni says that anger wont let it go. She then leaves the hand and says that she doesn’t want more insult of his family, she apologizes Jashan and Madhuri and asks him to go. She tells him not to worry about her, it's her family and she will go to any extent for their love. Bauji leaves for his room, Suket also leaves. Bhavna and Savri follows. Akshat drags Arpita along while Pratab is not also ready to listen to her. She comes to Abhay but he also leaves. Avni comes to the temple and asks God for help. She watches the candle and says she lit it for her love and oils it. Bauji and family feels disgusted about the thing. Arpita heads to talk but Akshat stops her. Suket asks Bhawna to speak to Avni and tell her to forget about Raj. Bhavna comes to the temple and kneels down and prays in front of the gods idols saying that she only knows how difficult is the way of love and there is only problems in the way. First, the hope dies and then the heart breaks and it's pain is unbearable. She doesn’t want her daughter to go through the same situation. She cries saying she wont let her daughter follow her ( Bhavna ) way. Avni is worried in her room as one little misunderstanding brings the family to its knees once again.

Bhawna comes to her room and asks what she did. Avni says that she stopped herself but she couldn’t prevent herself. Bhavna asks why didn’t she talk to her. Avni says she wanted to tell her, but she was worried about Akshat and Arpita. She didn’t want to create more problems with her. She and Raj wanted to tell everyone when Akshat and Arpita come home. Bhavna later asks Avni about how far their relationship has reached and since when is it happening. Avni, who decides to go to any extent for her love says the time doesn’t matter and what matters is Raj. He is her life and is the best. No one can understand this better than her mother ( Bhavna ). Bhawna tells her to stop it. Avni says she is asking her to stop breathing. Bhavna asks if he has ever touched her. Avni takes her mother by arms and says he touched her soul.
Raj cries that he lost the one whom he loved the most, just in a day. He asks if he is not able enough to get her and what will he do to life without Avni. Jashan tells him Avni is such a brave girl and assures Raj that they will take it up if the family doesn’t agree and get them marry. Akshat wakes up and finds Arpita crying. She says she doesn’t feel sleepy. Akshat comes to her and says that whatever he is doing… but Arpita interrupt him saying she doesn’t want to talk. Akshat goes back to bed. She thinks she don’t know what to understand from him and she just know he have become stranger to her. Suket asks what has happened to their family. Bhavna says that they will fulfill their responsibilities as parents, she just hope their children don’t have to go through the pain… she stops. Suket completes that the pain Akshat and Arpita had to go through.
Jashan gets coffee for Madhuri. He tells Madhuri that sometimes the elders are in the wrong tract and nothing can be done to them. Raj thinks about Avni, Avni is worried in her room. She thinks about calling him, he calls her too. The numbers go busy. She decides to try again, when someone knocks the door. It is Savri, she comes inside. The phone rings, it was Raj. Savri takes her phone, disconnects and says this is why she came here. She leaves with her phone. Avni cries. The next morning, Avni is at the temple praying. She prays about her love, as love conquers. She prays for her dream with Raj and says she won't let this candle blow and asks for courage to menthe her family’s mind. She says she knows where to start. Savri says that she hates Raj and his family, she will do something and show Avni the reality of Raj. She calls Divia and says she has some work with her; her husband is in security business, she wants some goons to hit someone. Avni goes to Akshat with Prasad. She tells him that he know Raj did a lot for him and Arpita and pleads with him for his help and asks if he would support her, she will convince her father and mother but he refuses to provide his support saying that they had a hard time to come back home. Avni tells him to support love. He says that she should understand him. Avni says that this time at the Raksha Bandhan ( rakhi ) she will get nothing from him but tears and sadness. She always feel proud that he will be with her but he isn't. Arpita is standing there, Avni begs her and tells her that she want her to stay out of this. Arpita cries looking at her coward husband.
Avni comes across Abhay while she is crying. He stops her, but she tells him that he have already told her his decision about Raj and runs in. Meanwhile, Savri, who have arranges for certain goons to beat up Raj, purposely tells Raj on phone, that they are sending Avni away from Jaipur soon. Raj says he wont let this happen, and disconnects. Raj thinks he will talk to Suket and Bhavna. Savri smile as she thinks Raj must have left home, to stop Avni from going away. She informs the goons that Raj will soon be here, and as soon as he is here they should beat him. Savri then says Raj’s story will soon end. Suket is at home, Bhavna calls him and Bauji for breakfast. Suket asks if she speak to Avni. Avni comes downstairs crying, and greet them good morning. She asks why are they not talking to her and asks if she have done any sin? She have just loved and wants their favour. She tries her best to convince her family members to accept Raj but nobody agrees to her. She tells Bauji that he know Raj is a good man. On the other hand, Abhaas looks at his and Avni’s photo. Savri comes there and says Raj is posing to love Avni, and they will teach him a lesson. Abhaas stands up to ask what they will do. Savri tells him that the goons are out and Raj will come here to create a drama and they will reply him. Abhay takes his hockey stick. Meanwhile, Avni asks her father to keep his anger aside and give Raj one chance. Savri comes and says that love is not wrong, but Raj is and it's time to treat him.
Raj arrives at Avni’s house, and sees the men standing at the gate. He attempts to go inside but he stops him. Raj says it is necessary to go inside but before Raj could enter the goons throw him on the car. start beating him up. Savri says that it's time to hit Raj now, as he doesn’t listen the other way. Raj fights them but they beat him up on his head and he loses control over himself. Suket hears the sounds of beatings. Savri says this is what should be done to him. Avni runs crying towards Raj to save him, calling his name but Savri Bua stops her by closing the door. The men beat Raj and he falls down. Later Abhaas leaves the house with a hockey stick. Avni watches Abhaas coming with the hockey and tries to stop him and telling him not to hit him not knowing that Abhay is going out to support his sister's love. Abhay says he should have done this a long time ago. Raj is lying on the floor; Abhaas stops the stick with his hockey but in a surprising turn of events to Raj, Abhay helps Raj and beat them to run. He says this is his sister’s love and he won’t let anything happen to him and he makes it clear that he approves of Raj. Raj and Abhay hugs each other and fights the men together. Avni insists her mother to stop them hitting Raj. She pleads to Bauji. Bhavna goes to the door, they all come out and find Abhay and Raj together. They both join hands.

They all, including Suket come out to see Raj and Abhay fighting the men hand in hand. Avni runs to hug Abhay. Abhaas also hugs Raj and announces that they both love each other truly and he agrees about this proposal. Suket tells Savri to get Avni inside the house. Avni comes to Raj, but Savri drags her inside. Raj is about to thank him when Abhaas says that whatever he did to him, he is sorry for that. He is not a fan of him, but his sister loves him. Raj thanks Abhaas for his help and hugs him. Abhaas asks him to see a doctor, but Raj says that Avni needs him more and asks him to take care of Avni. Hearing this, Abhaas says he likes this about him, that he care about Avni more that himself. Suket asks Savri why she called those goons. Savri says that this Abhay is more of a criminal than her. Everyone blames Abhay but he keeps his hands on Avni’s shoulders and says he did what he should have done being a brother. Bhavna asks what he is saying. He says when he got to know about this, he beat Raj, insulted him but he didn’t retaliate. Then someone talked about Avni and he beat them hard. He says that he is good by heart and loves Avni so much that he can’t live without her; and no one can be better than him for Avni.
Suket says that his opinion doesn’t matter in the house. Abhaas comes to him and warns his father that he should not try and control his family with a remote and that he should stop trying to control their lives as remote controls and should let everybody live their life the way they want as they also have some feelings. He tells his father that trying to control his family can break all relationships and he is afraid he may lose his relations like always. Arpita comes to Avni, but Akshat calls her. They all leave. Avni cries, but Abhaas tells her to save these tears for her wedding. He promises to be with her as a brother. Abhaas hugs her.
Arpita comes to Yatendra ( Bauji ) with his medicines. She speaks to him that when he knew about Akshat and her, he supported them but he didn’t say anything about Raj and Avni till now. She says that herself, Bhavna mom, Abhay and Pratab are waiting for his response and that Avni and Raj want his side now. Yatendra then decides to call Raj to the house and speak to him. Meanwhile, Savri is talking to someone on phone about Avni’s proposal. Bhawna comes inside and Savri gets afraid seeing her. She says they should look for a proposal for Avni soon and that they have to stop this love chapter soon. Avni comes there.
Savri tells her to be prepared. Avni says that she won’t tell them any lie; and say to them that she is someone else’s whole heartedly. Savri stops looking at Bauji. He says that she is doing wrong; and they must not hurriedly marry Avni. He tells Bhavna to call Raj here. Avni looks at Savri and smiles. She says Bauji will do something good now and is hopeful that things will go well from here on.
Everyone waited for Raj. Raj meets Suket's father and others. Bauji tells him to sit, he abides. He apologizes to Raj that one of their family members’s made someone beaten him. Raj says that her mother told him that sometimes bad events give good results. He looks at Abhaas. Bauji asks if he love Avni? Raj says more than himself, and can do anything for her. During the meeting Suket's father asks Raj if he can leave his family for the sake of Avni and hearing this Avni and Raj get shocked. Raj stands up. Avni says he loves his family a lot. Bauji says he doesn’t want him to lives with Madhuri and Jashan in that house. If he agrees, they can proceed with the proposal. Raj is speechless. Bauji says he may take his time, and tells him to leave. Raj leaves saddened. Raj comes home thinking what Bauji had asked him. Savri is worried, Akshat asks her what happened to her. She says he doesn’t understand what her father ( Bauji ) is doing. Akshat agrees, but he says no one can speak in front of Bauji; though he has been wrong. Avni tells Bauji that he did wrong, and that love joins the relations. Bauji says he will reply only when Raj gives his answers. Avni runs out. Arpita is there, Avni hugs her asking why they always have to make a choice. Raj tells Madhuri and Jashan that he will tell Bauji he is not ready to leave his relations. Jashan says that he is a ray of hope, he should now answer Bauji what he wants to hear that he is ready to live without them. He says that they have another house in Jaipur, he and Avni might live there. Madhuri also says that what is wrong if staying away from them for some days and they can make him and Avni one. Raj disagrees but Madhuri owes him her life.
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